Signs You Are Drinking Contaminated Water 

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Water is an essential drink. All adults are suggested to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to keep their bodies healthy. However, not all water is good for your health. It is very easy for water to get contaminated. Since you use it throughout the day, making sure that the water you use and consume is safe goes a long way. 

Unfortunately, contamination issues are more relevant than ever. Continuing to consume bad water can result in health risks. If you believe you have been a victim of contaminated water, contact a toxic exposure lawyer in Jersey City today

Signs you may be driving contaminated water

  • Your water is cloudy. 

Remember that the water you drink should be entirely clear and transparent. It should not contain any visible particles, and it certainly should not be translucent. If your water looks somewhat cloudy, there are high chances of it being contaminated with dangerous substances. 

Certain chemicals are added to the water to ensure they are safe to drink. However, if these chemicals are added out of proportion, your water can start looking cloudy and not be safe to drink anymore. 

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  • It has a chlorine smell. 

Clean water does not have a strong smell to it. Water should not have a specific smell. If the water you are drinking smells like the water in swimming pools, there is clearly something wrong. Even though water treatment services add some chlorine to kill bacteria, the amount should not be so much that it starts smelling. 

  • Brown or orange hue. 

An obvious sign of water contamination in Jersey City is when it has color to it. Remember that clean water does not have any color to it. The most commonly found colors in contaminated water are brown and orange because of the presence of excess manganese and iron. If you would like to know more about wastewater treatment check out Cleanawater

  • You are noticing physical symptoms. 

One thing that you should not ignore when it comes to contaminated water is negative health symptoms. Contaminated water usually does not show symptoms as soon as you start drinking it. If you are experiencing health issues, it is probably because you have been drinking bad water for a long time now. You must see your doctor immediately to check for chemicals in your blood. This will also help your toxic exposure claims process. 

  • Your water smells like rotten eggs. 

This is one of the worst things you can experience with drinking water. If your water smells like rotten eggs, it is probably due to sulfur. Sulfur occurs naturally in the ground and is present in water in very small quantities. Small quantities are not possible for humans to smell. So, if you are smelling something, then the contamination level is high. 

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