How To Recognize The Signs Of Domestic Violence?

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When violence comes from someone close to you, it can be hard to see the signs and symptoms that make it dangerous to your health and life. Domestic violence or initiated partner violence can take many forms, and it may be difficult to see. This is because the partner may continue to show forms of care and even say ‘’I love you’’. That is why this blog brings to you tips on how you can recognize domestic violence, whether it happens to you or someone you love.

Physical Violence

The most easily distinguished form of domestic violence is physical violence. If a partner abuses you physically, then it is physical domestic violence and should be reported. The symptoms may come to the fore as bruises in different parts of the body, bruises around the eyes, broken or sprained wrists, marks in and around the neck, chronic fatigue, or swollen and red lips.

If you or someone you care about has shown these signs, getting in touch with Lento Law Firm to file a domestic violence case is the smart thing to do.

Exerts Control

A partner who exerts control over you can point to the fact that it is domestic violence. Control can be of many different types. It can be trying to control what you wear, where you are going, whom you are meeting, whom you are being friends with, how much you talk to a friend, and so on. If you are not able to live your life as you wish to because your partner exerts control over the mundane details, then it can be domestic violence.

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Checks Up Too Much

If your partner is checking up your phone, your social network platforms, or even reads your messages, then it may point to the fact that he wants more control over your life. This is definitely a sign of domestic violence of the mental type.

Sexual Violence

When a partner forces sexual acts on someone without consent, it can be domestic violence. Forced sex of any kind is not allowed by law and if it happened within an intimate relationship, it can be hard to prove. However, it is still domestic violence.


If your partner has threatened to hurt you or your children, then it can constitute to being psychological violence and can be taken to court.

Prevents You From Having a Social Life

Another way a domestic violence perpetrator spreads his terror is by preventing a victim from having a social life. If your partner does not let you meet your friends and family members when you want to or wants to have a say in why you should have a social life at all, it is domestic violence.

Sometimes, prevention of social life happens slowly but surely and before long your partner is the only one you spend your time with.

As you can see, domestic violence can creep up in supposedly normal relationships and before long, it can be your life. So beware and look for these symptoms in your relationships.

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