Six Reasons to Use Self-Storage During Home Renovation 

Berry Mathew

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Six Reasons to Use Self-Storage During Home Renovation

If you’ve landed on this article, it’s safe to assume you’re planning a home renovation project. We’re sure you’re excited about rebranding your home to suit your current aesthetic. Transforming your rooms with the right wall design, flooring, furniture, etc., can be a fun process that is especially fulfilling when you see your vision coming to life. However, renovations are a huge investment, albeit with a great return in added value to the property.

Many people in Winchester town of New Hampshire, prefer to renovate their home than buy or rent a new one. The reason could be backed by the 2022 data showing Winchester is the state’s most expensive town. Many reasons contribute to this. With less than 5,000 residents, there is little scope for residential development in Winchester. Though remodeling a mid-range kitchen in Winchester is quite expensive, it may increase the property value much more than you spent on its renovation. 

Preparing your Home for Renovation

One thing which often makes the home renovation process difficult is managing the existing fittings and furniture. Unless you’ve just moved into a new home, every room in your house will likely already be a fully functional space. That means there is already furniture, décor, personal belongings, appliances, electronics, and many other things that have your home pretty much at capacity. 

For renovation, the best way to start is with a clean slate. Naturally, that means you must remove everything from the area to be renovated before starting. However, that begets the question of where to place all these items. Your best option is to find a local Winchester self storage service and rent a storage unit for the renovation period.

There are many benefits of using a self-storage unit during a home renovation. Let us guide you through these: 

  • A Blank Canvas

The most important benefit of using a self-storage unit during home renovation is starting with a blank canvas. With all your belongings and furniture tucked away in a storage unit, you can see the true potential of the room or rooms you plan to renovate. For instance, your living room may need more space, but once you remove the L-shaped lounger and the teak bookshelf, you may find that the room can fit an entire wall entertainment unit. Therefore, having an empty room can make a big difference to your home renovation plans. You may realize that your room has the capacity for much more than you originally thought. 

  • Safe Storage

You may wonder why you should go to the trouble of renting a storage unit. After all, can’t you just put the items away in your garage or at a friend’s house? Well, yes, you can. However, there is no guarantee of the safety and security of your belongings in either of these places. A storage unit is under constant surveillance and is equipped to keep your stored items safe despite the terrible East Coast winters. Your garage, however, is not built to sustain and protect against harsh snowfall and rain. While it can provide coverage, any valuable piece of furniture, such as a solid wood table, is bound to suffer weather damage over time. Thus, a storage unit’s safety and security make it worth the price.

  • Less Clutter

You may have also considered shuffling your furniture and belongings from one room to another during renovation. Granted, the rooms may require some squeezing and adjusting, but it’s only for a short period, right? We’d like to hear what you think after the renovation process begins. Having a cluttered home for a short while may not seem like a big deal, but very few find the situation tolerable when it happens. Just think about it for a minute. Half of your house is being renovated, while the other half is cluttered. How are you supposed to get through your daily life in this scenario? If you want advice, avoid this and use the storage unit. Trust us; you’ll be so glad you did.

  • Easy Access

You would be surprised, but accessing your storage unit is easy. You get to bring your lock for security purposes, and you can visit the facility any time of day (or night) to access your storage unit. That means even if you need something urgently from your storage unit, you don’t have to wait to get it. Secondly, most storage unit facilities today offer drive-up access. That means you can drive your car or truck right up to the door of your storage unit for easy placement and removal of items. It cannot get easier or more convenient than this.  

  • Flexible Rental Plans

Another reason to use a self-storage unit during home renovation is the cheap and flexible terms that storage facilities offer. Different fees for different-sized units start from less than $100 a month! Based on your requirements, you can choose the unit size which best suits you and sign up for a short-term plan. You can even rent on a month-to-month basis. It is a great option if you’re unsure how long your renovation project will take. However, most companies offer discounted rates if you book for a long duration, so if you have a timeframe in mind, at least make a booking that covers that period. 

  • Protect your Home

The last reason on our list is the simple benefit of using a self-storage facility. You might be someone who doesn’t mind the clutter or doesn’t even wish for a blank canvas to start your renovation project. You can keep moving things around in the room as the work progresses. While that is possible, it may cause significant damage to the walls and floors of your home. Moving heavy furniture around a room can lead to scratches, marks, and cracks in the structure. Not to mention, the furniture itself would also be likely to sustain damage. If you choose a storage unit, you can protect your house and belongings from unnecessary damage.


A home renovation project is quite a challenge. However, with a self-storage unit keeping all your important and valuable furniture and belongings safely tucked away, you can relax on at least one end and focus more on your project. We’re sure by now you’re convinced to opt for a storage unit, so get started on finding the best facility close to your home in Winchester that offers everything you need!