Sleep Apnea Relief Starts with the Right Mattress: Top Recommendations for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Charlotte Miller

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Meg Riley

Meg Riley is an expert in mattresses and sleep and writes about both professionally. Presently, she serves as Sleep Junkie’s Chief Editor.

If you or a loved one has sleep apnea, you understand how important it is to locate the appropriate mattress. Sleep apnea, a disorder characterized by breathing disruptions during sleep, can seriously affect a person’s health and happiness. Sleep apnea sufferers can benefit greatly from investing in a mattress created with their condition in mind.

In this in-depth article, we’ll discuss the best mattress for someone with sleep apnea and how the right mattress may make a big difference. We’ll discuss the most important criteria to look for in a mattress, such as how well it supports your body, how well it distributes your weight, how well it breathes, and more. We will provide the best advice based on your sleeping position, whether you prefer to lay on your side, back, or stomach.

1. Amerisleep AS2

If you suffer from sleep apnea, we highly recommend the Amerisleep AS2. Its five-zoned layer provides welcome pressure alleviation and essential support. In addition to reducing snoring and other signs of sleep apnea, the hypoallergenic nature of the materials used also makes them ideal for people with allergies or sinus problems.

Providing adequate support and comfort is essential in the fight against the negative consequences of any sleep issue. The AS2 excels at this very task. It’s 12″ tall and has the following subdivisions: Compared to standard memory foam, Bio-Pur® foam is five times more breathable.

2. Casper Wave Hybrid

You’ve got two problems on your hands if you have sleep apnea and chronic back pain. Both can benefit from the Casper Wave Hybrid’s five-layer construction, which includes comfort foam, latex, memory foam, and innerspring.

The proper spine alignment allows for easier breathing and a more restful night’s sleep for those experiencing upper or lower back discomfort. Casper is long-lasting, cold, and effective at relieving pressure spots. The medium firmness (5.5/10) is ideal for side sleepers.

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3. Avocado Green

Latex mattresses, such as Avocado Green, cater to a growing market segment of eco-conscious consumers. The organic cotton and wool cover, the latex comfort layer, and the steel coils contribute to the bed’s eco-friendliness.

The average height of an 11-inch-tall Avocado Green. A 2-inch pillow top can be added to the mattress to make it softer, which is great for folks trying to switch to side sleeping to alleviate sleep apnea. The firm feels that the pillow top appeals to some sleepers; one reviewer even called it “indulgent firm.”

4. Zenhaven Natural Latex

Sleep apnea is a respiratory disorder; thus, a natural and hypoallergenic mattress can help. Saatva’s Zenhaven Natural Latex is a natural latex, wool, and cotton mattress that eliminates the need for toxic chemicals. Rubber trees are the source of natural latex. The natural properties of latex make it hypoallergenic, breathable, and responsive. Dust mites are another pest that is kept at bay.

This is a double-sided mattress made of natural latex. Comfort levels range from soft to firm, depending on your preference. You can flip it over and try the other side if the first is too soft or firm.