Soon-to-Be Married Couple’s Guide to Buying Wedding Bands

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2020 may have seen a shift in wedding trends but it didn’t slow down the rate of marriages. There were over 1.2 million new marriages in 2020 in America, alone!

What we learned from the past year is that in the end, flashy aesthetics and huge guest lists don’t outweigh the real purpose of a wedding: to solidify the love between two people.

No matter how you plan to celebrate your marriage, there’s one step every couple will go through. Buying wedding bands is one of the most exciting steps before sealing the deal and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

What do you need to know about buying wedding bands? Read on for our complete wedding band buying guide.

Don’t Forget the Engagement Ring

People tend to put the most weight on choosing an engagement ring. The truth is that picking a wedding band is just as exciting, and you do want your wedding band to compliment your engagement ring nicely.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a wedding band, don’t hesitate to head to some local jewelry stores to try on different styles. This is the best way to get an idea of how wedding bands will look with your engagement ring. 

Typically, we recommend finding a wedding band made from the same base metal as your engagement ring. Both rings should fit flush together and usually, the wedding band shouldn’t upstage the engagement ring in terms of additional features and embellishments.

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Pick a Metal

As we mentioned earlier, a wedding band that will be worn with an engagement ring should be made from the same metal. What about wedding bands that don’t need to align with an engagement ring?

Picking a metal tends to come down to price and preference. Yellow and white gold are some of the pricier traditional metals, with silver and rose gold coming in close behind. There are also nontraditional metals that are gaining popularity, particularly for men’s rings, including tungsten, cobalt, and zirconium.

Consider Additional Features

Additional features like stones and engravings are a great way to further personalize your wedding bands. Keep in mind that these features will raise the price of your ring. That being said, if the metal you’ve chosen doesn’t push you to the limits of your budget, don’t hesitate to customize!

Stones, Secondary Metals, and Wood

Engagement rings aren’t the only ones that can have stones! Lining a wedding band with small diamonds, rubies, or other precious gemstones is a great way to bring life to your wedding band.

Secondary metals and even wood are also popular choices, particularly for men’s wedding bands. This secondary material is referred to as an inlay and in some cases, they can actually lower the cost of a wedding band. For example, a gold ring with a wood inlay may cost less than a solid gold ring.

Engravings or Etchings

Your partner will probably join you in the quest for their wedding band, which means that it won’t be a surprise to them when you put it on their finger. However, there are still opportunities to add an element of surprise without having to guess at the style and material they like. Engraving something sweet on the inside or having an intricate pattern or design etched on the outside is a great additional feature.

Common Questions About Buying Wedding Bands

Picking the perfect wedding band comes down entirely to personal preferences. We can’t tell you what to buy because in the end, it’s you who needs to fall in love with the ring! However, we can answer some of your most pressing questions about buying wedding bands.

Who Buys the Wedding Bands?

If you have someone in your life who is offering to cover the cost of your wedding bands, that’s great! If not, most couples decide to either split the cost evenly or pay for each other’s bands separately. Wedding bands aren’t factored into the cost of a wedding, itself, and it tends to make the most sense for the couple to foot the bill.

What’s the Best Place to Buy Wedding Bands?

We’ve mentioned heading to local jewelry stores to try on different rings. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to offer up your credit card then and there. Once you know what you’re looking for, go online to a wholesale jeweler like to find your dream style at a fraction of the cost.

When Should You Buy Wedding Bands?

We recommend getting started on your hunt for wedding bands early. Remember that your ring may take time to finalize, especially if you’re looking for custom features.

Plus, a lot of couples are paying for their own weddings nowadays. If your wedding bands are coming out of your overall wedding budget, you want to establish a price range early on. As much as you may not want to cut back spending on things like decor for your wedding, your wedding band is the marriage symbol you’ll hang onto forever.

Do Wedding Bands Need to Match?

A lot of couples wonder if their wedding bands need to match. While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing matching wedding bands, don’t feel obligated to. If you both feel drawn to different materials or styles, follow your heart and buy the rings you love!

Find the Perfect Wedding Bands for You and Your Partner

Are you going through your wedding checklist? Don’t forget that buying wedding bands shouldn’t be the last priority. With our guide, you can make the wedding ring buying process simple and enjoyable.

Curious to see what styles are trending as you get ready for your big day? Take a look around to learn more about current trends around the world. 

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