Streamlining Your Nonprofit’s Organization Workflow

Juliet D'cruz

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Optimizing nonprofit workflows is an ongoing process. Developments in the area of automation and improvements to constituent management software make it possible to streamline many tasks and processes that are otherwise tedious and time-consuming. Here are several ways to streamline the workflow of a nonprofit, from communicating with constituents to automating batch gift entry for Salesforce donation management

How To Improve Your Audience Outreach

Outreach can be a time consuming part of the workflow of a nonprofit. This process requires staff to research how to best appeal to a given audience, implement a strategy and track data in ways that allow for optimization. Stakeholders may want to look for ways to build outreach-enhancing measures into workflows. 

When reaching out to constituents, a nonprofit needs contact information and a message that communicates information or encourages supporters to take action. Some all-in-one constituent relationship management software, such as Raiser’s Edge software, has these features built in. Other platforms call for nonprofit staff to access multiple systems in order to reach out. Integration software is the best way to streamline workflows that combine a CRM with other systems.

How To Efficiently Manage Your Data Accross Systems

Integration software is also the best way to pursue cross-platform Blackbaud Salesforce data management. Omatic Cloud enables organizations to automate tasks such as batch gift entry or importing and exporting contact or donation records. Other measures for greater efficiency involve planning ahead to determine precisely what data is necessary and useful across platforms. 

Manually entering information into one or more systems is error-prone and inefficient. Nonprofit staff that spend hours doing these repetitive and detail-oriented tasks cannot devote this time to higher-level concerns, such as developing strategic plans for outreach and fundraising. Streamlining nonprofit workflows can ensure that rote tasks take place on schedule with a higher level of accuracy than was possible with slow and time-consuming manual methods.

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How To Automate Repetitive Tasks

Integration software that is purpose-built for nonprofits makes it possible for an organization to set up repetitive tasks to be completed automatically. From imports and exports to keep information current across systems to gift entry, automation stands out as one of the most effective ways to streamline the workflow of a nonprofit. The technological solutions that are available in this area have developed significantly over the past several years, making it easier than ever before for every organization to pursue automation.

In addition to automation capabilities, integration software may also offer time-saving utilities for tasks such as deduplication, running queries and scoring records. For instance, Omatic Cloud comes with built-in utilities such as MergeOmatic for eliminating duplicate records, QueryOmatic for advanced query management and ScoreOmatic for affinity and engagement scoring.

These are a few of the most effective ways to streamline workflow for the staff of a nonprofit. Improvements to outreach capabilities make it possible to get more out of donation drives and fundraising campaigns. Pursuing workflow optimization in the areas of automation, data management and outreach is easier when an organization uses the most effective CRM and nonprofit data integration software. 

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