The Best Gifts for Young Fathers and First-Time Dads

Juliet D'cruz

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Finding the best birth gifts to give a young father can be tricky, but here we have a selection of some of the best gifts for young fathers and first-time dads. When it comes to birth gifts, the attention is often so focused on mum that dads can start feeling a little left out. This is why it is so important to find the perfect birth gift for young fathers and first-time dads. 

Baby Vests

Baby vests make a sweet and functional birth gift for fathers. Not only can baby vests help to keep a newborn cosy and comfortable, but they can also be customised easily too. This means you can always choose to add dad’s name, or any other cute tagline, to make your baby vest gift extra special. 

Family Calendar

Now that there is a new addition to the family, another great gift for young fathers is a family calendar. Once again, these can be customised with photos and colour schemes to make them into the perfect present. A family calendar will help to keep all young fathers organised, and some even double as a photo frame too, making this a gift to enjoy year after year.

Coffee Subscription Programme

Having a new baby is a wonderful and exciting time, but it can also come with a few sleepless nights! Why not sign up a young father for a coffee subscription programme? These fun and customisable subscription offers can be delivered directly to dad each week or month, making it the gift that keeps on giving. Young fathers can enjoy a boost of energy and coffeehouse-worthy beverages without having to leave home. 

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Comfortable Loungewear

With a new baby comes plenty of extra responsibility, so while young fathers are getting to grips with these big changes, why not treat them to some new comfortable loungewear? High quality yet still comfy clothes are perfect to wear around the house whilst caring for a newborn. Plus, they can still look chic enough to rush to the corner shop in too, if dad runs out of baby supplies. 

Dad-Friendly Baby Bag

Not just for mums, young fathers nowadays also need their own baby bag to stash all their newborn’s essentials in when going out and about. A dad-friendly baby bag makes a perfect gift for young dads, with plenty of rucksack style bags available in a range of neutral, easy to wear colours. With lots of internal pockets and space for baby wipes, nappies, bottles and muslins, these dad-friendly bags can carry it all. 

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Kangaroo T-shirt

The newest hybrid of baby sling and regular tee, the kangaroo t-shirt helps young dads to hold their baby close without needing to use a carrier. Complete with its own kangaroo style pouch, these t-shirts make a great gift for dads who want to hold their baby closely when running errands and also help with young father and baby bonding too.

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