The Complete Guide to Mounting Photos

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that the average person takes around 150 photos a month and has 630 images saved on their smartphones? The wonders of modern technology have allowed us to snap pictures to our hearts’ content!

However, there’s just something about having images in person that beats digital pictures. If that’s your sentiment, then mounting photos can be a great way to show off all your treasured memories.

Don’t know how to mount photographs? Then keep reading. We’ll give you a quick guide right here!

Print Your Photos

The first thing to do is to print your photos. There are plenty of online services that can do so for your smartphone pictures, so have a look around.

Otherwise, if you’re still working with analog cameras and film, you can visit brick-and-mortar shops to have your film developed.

Get a Backing Board

You’ll need to get a backing board, as this is what you’ll attach your picture to. It’s basically just laminated paper that you can either cut yourself or get pre-cut.

Simply glue your photo onto the backing board to get started. Wait for it to dry completely before proceeding with the other steps.

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Add Dust Paper

This is an optional step, but you can add dust paper to your photo mounting board if you wish. This will give your framed picture an upgraded look.

Not only that, but it’ll keep dust and other debris from getting into the frame. It’ll keep your photos looking pristine for years to come.

Put Glazing On

Next, you’ll put glazing on, which is basically the sheet of glass (or acrylic) that goes in front of the picture. Acrylic is more lightweight and won’t shatter, but is more prone to scratches, so keep this in mind.

You can also spend a little more to get glazing that’s resistant to UV rays. This will keep your pictures from fading.

Finish With the Frame

Lastly, you’ll want to put the frame on. There are several materials and colors out there, so take these things into consideration, as you’ll want the picture frame to match the room it’s in.

To secure the frame, you’ll have to use hinges. Most frames should come with them, but if you’re DIYing it, you’ll have to add a few hinges along the inside so your photo board will be secure.

In the back, you’ll want to secure some wire to the backing board. That way, you’ll be able to hang up your beautiful picture.

Mounting Photos Is Easy With Our Tips

Now that you’ve read this article, mounting photos will be very easy to do.

So if your living room wall has been bare, it’s time to get started. In no time, you’ll be able to display your photos proudly for all your guests to see!

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