The Latest Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Berry Mathew

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The Latest Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Do you know what’s in style in 2023? There’s a lot that’s hot and a lot that’s not. If you don’t know what kind of style to wear, don’t worry. Here are a few examples of what’s hot and what’s not in this season’s trends: 


Flats are making a comeback, but with that being said, it’s important to be careful when shopping around for them. The super-rounded tip is no longer fashionable, and if you’re on the smaller, shorter side, that kind of flat style will only make you look shorter. It can also enhance your leg or ankle size, which, if you’re someone who is a bit curvier, you may want to avoid. 

The kind of flats that are hot are more elegantly designed, often made from more durable, appealing material than the ones from the past. Additionally, bold patterns in flats are also a great idea, as they can be paired with your outfits to help you stand out. Whether you want to wear animal print or navy flats, choose a flattering design for your build and the kind of outfits you want to pair them with.  

Excessively baggy is no longer in

We’ll permit it when it comes to wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie. But when it comes to wearing pants and blazers that are much too oversized for your frame, let’s say that it’s no longer a winning style. An image consultant can verify that wearing clothes that hide your figure is no longer what’s in this year, so if you have a closet full of clothes that look like they belong to your much bigger friend or boyfriend, it’s time to ditch them. 


Transparent is in, but with a caveat

Wearing transparent outfits is something you’ll find in your favorite fashion magazine. However, there is a caveat. Be careful what you’re wearing your sheer outfits with. There is a thin line between trending and something more scandalous than fashionable. 

Show up with the right undergarments that are designed to be visible and not your favorite pair of thongs or nude bra. Also, consider how transparent you go depending on the affair or occasion. A sheer blouse could be suitable for an occasion that a full-length transparent dress may not. Consider the occasion before choosing this style.  

Tassels are a yes, puffy sleeves are not

If you’re still wearing puffy sleeves from the Victorian era, please, put them away. In fact, consider donating them to charity because this is a style we shouldn’t be seeing anytime soon. Instead, tassels are a yes. 

Whether wearing dresses with tassels or showcasing a jacket on its sleeves, tassels are a hot style in 2023. Just check out your favorite fashion app to get a glimpse of what’s being used in today’s fashion world. 

Leather jackets are a yes

What can we say? Leather jackets have been around in different variations for years, and we love them. While we may not want to wear bomber jackets made from leather material, we love a form-fitting leather jacket that pairs well with almost anything you can think of, from your favorite jeans to your preferred little black dress. 

It gives you some edge while also being classically fashionable. How could you say no to that? Whether you buy used from a site like Real Real or you get it from your favorite retail store, say yes to this trend in 2023. 

In Conclusion 

Wear the trends that are hot and ditch the ones that are not. From baggy clothes to puffy sleeves, we’re saying no to outfits drowning us and saying yes to form-fitting looks ideal for the season.