The Unique Challenges Presented by Aviation Accident Cases

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The Unique Challenges Presented by Aviation Accident Cases

When we think of crashes, cars come to mind, not airplanes. Although rare, aviation accidents do occur. Whether it’s a large commercial jet or a single-engine aircraft the disaster usually makes the evening news. This was the case with a small plane that crashed while attempting to land at Santa Monica Airport during a flight lesson recently. The student and instructor were killed instantly.

With concerns over COVID subsiding, air travel is booming again. International and local airports have seen a sharp increase in passengers in the last few months. You may have heard that air travel is the safest form of transport. When it comes to commercial flights, this is true. As for civil aviation, which is private planes or flights not operated by one of the commercial airlines, the risk factor is slightly higher but still safe. 

Of course, none of this is of comfort to someone who was seriously injured or lost a loved one in an airplane crash. Besides the understandable shock and grief, the victim or surviving family members may be unsure how to proceed. “Aviation crash cases are complex,” stated J.J. Dominguez of The Dominguez Firm. “It’s important to select an with experience in this unique area of personal injury law. Most firms offer free consultations. And don’t sign off on any paperwork related to the accident before having an attorney look it over. If you do, you could easily regret it.”

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Aviation accidents don’t just encompass passenger airplane crashes. They can also involve military aircraft, helicopters and as in the case of the Santa Monica crash, pilot training flights. In any of these scenarios, the victim or their family can file a personal injury claim against those responsible. A firm with the proper resources can investigate the aviation accident, negotiate with insurance companies and their attorneys and fight for their client’s right to the maximum compensation they’re legally entitled to.

Other challenges also make aviation accidents uniquely complex. One of the biggest is needing to deal with multiple government agencies. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, state, federal and international laws and regulations may come into play. In some accidents, much of the evidence is lost or can take months or even years to recover, especially if the plane falls into deep seas. 

The defendants can vary too. An airplane crash can be caused by poor maintenance, pilot error, inadequate airline corporate management or a design and manufacturing flaw. A prime example of a fatal mechanical flaw happened with the Boeing 737 MAX airplane which crashed twice, once in 2018 and then again in 2019. A combined total of 346 passengers and crew were killed in those accidents.

The airlines and their insurance companies will do everything they can to pay out less, regardless of your injuries or loss. Plus, this is not the type of personal injury claim you want to handle yourself. By hiring an experienced aviation accident lawyer, you can hold them accountable and obtain justice.

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