Top reasons to start investing at an early age 

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you someone who is sure about wanting to invest in mutual funds but is concerned about the right time to start investing? Then continue reading this article because we are here to solve all your queries. A number of surveys, as well as studies, have shown that the earlier you start investing, the richer you get. According to most industry experts, the right time to invest is during or after you have completed your graduation, somewhere around your 20s.

By starting to invest from an early stage of life, you get to learn a pattern of financial independence as well as discipline. Investing from an early age actually teaches the real distinction between investments and saving. Contrary to common beliefs that consider young age as a barrier for investments, starting to invest in mutual funds early on pays back in a number of fruitful ways. Below mentioned are the top reasons as to why investing early on in life is considered so crucial:

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  1. You get more recovery time


If you start to invest money online early on and even incur a loss, you get more time to make up for the loss on that investment compared to others who might have started to invest late. While an investor who starts investing in mutual funds at a later stage in life gets much less time to recover from the losses. Therefore, with early investments, it usually gets more time to grow in value resulting in higher profits.


  1. You welcome a stable future


Everyone comes across unforeseeable and difficult times in their life when they will need urgent money to meet unavoidable expenses. During such uncertain times, the investments that you made at an early age can prove to be very useful and help you in getting through these tough times.


  1. You can save more money compared to others


Someone who starts with early age investments usually develops the habit of saving more. As the saying goes – The more one invests, the more they get in the future. In order to continue pursuing your saving as well as investing process, you usually tend to save more money by cutting down on unnecessary expenses while diverting the saved money towards healthy investments.


  1. You land up with the best support for your retirement plans


Early age investments increase the probability of reaching financial stability at a younger age exponentially. Starting to save for retirement from your 20s rather than your 40s is always a great idea. Life after retirement is more challenging than it will ever be for obvious reasons, so planning for your retirement now will lead to a much happier and financially independent life after retirement.

According to industry experts, the earlier you start investing, the easier it is to build wealth. Obviously, you will be facing some difficulties while trying to invest early in life because of the limited cash flow. But you also can’t wait for the time when things get convenient to start with your investments. You can look for options online that can act as a retirement planner and help with your journey on how to build a financial plan. Additionally, the internet has provided us with various tools like SIP & ELSS calculator, mutual live tracking apps & sites, etc, that help us make apt investment choices.

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