Troubleshooting Your Android Phone With Apps

Charlotte Miller

Facing complications on your Android device? Here are some applications that can help you find out what the problem is through diagnosis. Your smartphone is made up of many components. If one of them is not working as intended, your whole experience can be ruined.But how do you know exactly what is causing the problem on your device?

It may be the accelerometer that is off, or browsing through Wi-Fi and mobile data that feels sluggish. What if you have bought a used device and want to find out if everything is working perfectly? Whatever the problem may be, there is an application that will help you find out the problem with your Android phone. As much as you may not have a problem, regularly running checkups on your phone will ensure everything keeps working nicely.

Phone Check Test

This is one of the best applications for checking device hardware. The app works similarly to CPU-Z for desktops, providing you with a comprehensive rundown of your device’s hardware specifics. Together with a wide range of options to check the hardware. The following are the hardware-checking options:

  • Low memory check and suggestions.
  • Charging socket test and batter check.
  • Radio and Wi-Fi check.
  • Audion test for microphones, volume buttons, headphone jack, and speakers.
  • Display test, including color consistency and dead pixels.
  • Location and GPS tracking testing.
  • Thermal stress.
  • Memory, storage stress, and CPU checks.

Using the app is straightforward to use. The monitor option shows the basic overview of your phone’s current status, including battery charge, CPU load, current network connections, and overall health. There is also a Guided Test menu which lets you run a sequence of tests. For example, if you have installed a VPN for Arizona but it will not connect, you can diagnose the connection with Phone Check Test. It may be the phone, the VPN app, or your ISP causing the problem.

Phone Doctor Plus

Imagine going to the doctor, but this time you are on the phone. That is what Phone Doctor Plus is all about. It enables you to run a sequence of system hardware checkups to guarantee that your phone is working as intended. Phone Doctor Plus and Phone Check and Test are relatively similar but the UI on Phone Doctor Plus provides a better overall experience visually. Phone Doctor Plus performs these checks:

  • Movement sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and proximity sensors.
  • Display tests, such as touch screen responsiveness and dead pixels.
  • Network and cellular connection tests.
  • Pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor tests.
  • CPU, storage, and memory benchmarking.

Phone Doctor Plus provides an easy and convenient way to test your device. The battery check also comes in handy and even offers suggestions for recalibrating and improving your battery.

Dead Pixels Test and Fix

The two apps we have talked about can detect dead pixels but they cannot fix them. Once Phone Doctor Plus and Phone Check and Test have identified dead pixels, you can move on to the Dead Pixels Test and Fix app to sort them out. This free app does a similar scan to all other troubleshooting apps and identifies dead pixels. Some pixels are caused by hardware and cannot be fixed by apps, but others can be fixed by cycling them through the red, green, and blue color options to refresh.

Dead Pixels Test and Fix tries to repair phantom images, dark and bright dot defects, dead pixels, stuck sub-pixels, and sub-pixel defects. The process can run for as little as a few minutes up to over an hour. If you do not see any improvement after a couple of hours, the developer notifies the app will unfortunately not be able to solve the problem.


One of the most infuriating aspects of having a mobile device is degradation and battery life. Your battery is okay in one moment, and in the next, your phone goes off even though it was at 20% battery capacity. The reason is batteries have a set lifetime, and most people do not efficiently maintain their batteries, which makes them last an even shorter time.

AccuBattery will not magically solve your battery problems, when your battery dies, no app can save it. What AccuBattery does is check your battery to determine how much more time your battery has. The app displays important features like the current battery capacity vs the intended battery capacity. You will also know how much wear your battery sustains after every charge, the overall charging speed, and how much power every app uses.


Sensor is an app that focuses mainly on your phone’s sensors. It tests your phone’s gravity, light, gyroscope, orientation, geomagnetic field, accelerometer, and all other sensors it has. The tests are viewable through live plotting graphs. As long as it is a sensor on your device, this app will be able to test it. The app can also test your camera, date and time, battery, and system and hardware-related components.

Repair System for Android

This app comes with multiple features like antivirus, game booster, phone booster, CPU cooler, and more. Most of these features solve your phone’s issues, but the app’s main highlights are Hardware Check and Repair System when diagnosing what is wrong with your phone. The repair System scans your entire system for complications and repairs the problems it detects. It also fixes file system, RAM, and boot errors. Hardware Checker scans your phone’s basic hardware and indicates the properly working parts and those that require fixing.

Test Your Android

Test Your Android evaluates several components on your device. It is divided into sensor testing, hardware testing, device information, and utilities and tools. Device information and utilities provide several useful information and features worth checking out. On the other hand, sensor testing and hardware testing focus on checking your phone’s health.

You are Good to Go

These are the best apps you can use to check your Android phone’s health. Many other apps on Google Playstore claim to do the same thing, but the issue is that they are more or less clones of other apps.