Tumbbad Full Movie Download: Download Tumbbad Full Movie Free

Tumbbad Full Movie Download: Download Tumbbad Full Movie Free

If you plan to watch a horror movie, then Tumbbad full movie download is a great choice. This horror film was released in 2018 that Anand Gandhi directs. The movie stars Actor Sohum Shah is the soul of the story. So let us find out what the film is about and where you can watch the Tumbbad full movie download.

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Tumbbad Full Movie StoryLine

The movie starts with Vinayak Rao telling a story to his son about the Goddess of Prosperity who is a symbol of wealth, food and the earth is her womb. At the time of the creation of the universe the 160 million Gods where born by her. Her first and most loved offspring is named Hastar who was greedy of gold and food. He acquired the gold from the goddess and was about to take all food when the other Gods attacked him. She cursed him that he will never be worshipped amd is been sleeping the mothers’s womb from years.

The story comes to 1918 were he tells about what has happened in his family and they return to Tumbbad. Now to see what happens next you need to watch the movie.

Tumbbad Full Movie Cast and Details

Here is the list of the Cast, Crew, and everything of Genius movie download full HD

Language: Hindi

Release Date: 12th oct 2019

Length: 1 Hours 42 Minutes


  • Sohum Shah – Vinayak Rao
  • Jyoti Malshe – Vinayak’s mother
  • Dhundiraj Prabhakar Jogalekar – young Vinayak
  • Rudra Soni – Sadashiv
  • Madhav Hari Joshi – Sarkar
  • Pushpak Kaushik – Grandmother
  • Anita Date-Kelkar – Vaidehi; Vinayak’s wife
  • Deepak Damle – Raghav
  • Cameron Anderson – Sergeant Cooper
  • Ronjini Chakraborty – Vinayak’s mistress
  • Mohammad Samad – Pandurang

Director: Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi(Creative Director), and Adesh Prasad


Production By: Eros International, Sohum Shah Films, Colour Yellow Productions, Film i Väst, and Filmgate Films

Tumbbad Full Movie Review

The is good and had some mixed reviews although it did not run so well in theatres. The critics although had good reviews. IMDb gave 8.3 stars and rotten tomato give 85% points where as Hindustan Times give a ⅗ stars. The movie is something different then other horror movies and worth watching.

Tumbbad Full Movie Download Stream Sites

Tumbbad Movie Trailer

Do watch the trailer of Tumbbad Movie 


Is Tumbbad Real Story?

No, Tummad is not a real story and there is no real village named Tumbbad. 

Is Tumbbad Hit Or Flop?

The budget of the movie was 50cr and the collections worldwide in 10 days were 13 cr hence it is considered as a flop movie.

Will There Be Tumbbad 2?

In 2018 Sohum Shah said that he is working on the sequel of the movie which will also feature Hatar.

Why Tumbbad Is A Masterpiece?

Tumbbad is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most intriguing masterpieces of Indian cinema, offering an amalgamation of stunning visuals that send chills down your spine and a story that stays etched in your minds even years later.

Why Did Tumbbad Took 6 Years?

This movie took six years to make. Director Rahi Anil Barve wrote the first draft for the movie in 1997, when he was just 18 years old. Sohum Shah gained 18 Kilos for his character. The film took six years to complete and he maintained his character for the same.


Here was everything that you should know about the movie before watching it. It is a good movie that has suspense and thrill too. You definitely watch this movie atleast once to experience the horror. Also it is a good choice to have a weekend night movie as a horror night. So do not wait any long and go for a Tumbbad Full Movie Download



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