Understanding the Benefits of Learning AngularJS in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

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Learning a programming language is a great way to challenge yourself while simultaneously building a useful skill. For those who have an interest in computer scripting, AngularJS is one of the most important languages to keep in mind.

Not quite sure where to get started? Don’t worry — we’ve put together a guide with all the information you need to know.

Let’s explore the basics of learning AngularJS.

Overall Usability

The user-friendliness of this framework is one of its most attractive attributes. In context, this means that there is less coding required to achieve outstanding results.

As you might guess, this also means that the learning curve is much lower than many people expect. As you make progress in working with this framework, you can also avoid obstacles that you would typically encounter when working with something more code-heavy.

DOM Manipulation

HTML files use a document object model (DOM) as their programming interface. By incorporating DOM manipulation with the AngularJS framework, you can easily modify DOM elements and structures.

As a programmer, this provides you with a large amount of flexibility when it comes to the overall function and performance of your code.

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Reusable Code

Saving time is a highly important task that many programs have. However, you don’t always need to focus on saving time when it comes to the output of your program.

AngularJS is noteworthy for allowing users to leverage reusable code. This minimizes the amount of time it takes for them to write and configure a program.

You can also use the framework’s reusable code as the foundation for more complex programs. Keep this in mind when moving forward so that you can fully benefit from this utility.


The modularity of the Angular JS framework helps developers add multiple frameworks to a single application. It should come as no surprise that modularity is a straightforward way to add complexity.

This framework automatically recognizes the need for additional modules. So, modules that you implement in the future will interact seamlessly with the existing modules of the application.

There are numerous other concepts you should understand when working with this framework. You can visit this resource to learn more about observables vs promises.

Multi-Data Binding

For those who are unfamiliar with this term, multi-data binding refers to making changes to a program from the user interface. You can also modify the user interface directly through the program.

This is an attribute that cannot be overlooked, as it allows you to better understand what your users will experience. A common scenario could involve helping developers understand how customers will interact with a shopping application.

Learning AngularJS Might Seem Difficult at First

The good news is that it is not nearly as complicated as you might initially believe. The above guide will help ensure that learning AngularJS goes as smoothly as possible.

Want to learn more useful info that can help you out in the future? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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