What Are the Best Reasons to Visit Disney World?

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What Are the Best Reasons to Visit Disney World?

Over 58 million people visit Disney World in a year. If you’re looking to join their ranks, that’s a lot to think about!

You’ll need to think about cost, the time you can spend there, the attractions you want to focus on, COVID protocol, and more. Right now, experts are predicting that Americans will be experiencing an onslaught of revenge travel. 

Revenge travel is what occurs in reaction to limited travel opportunities during the height of COVID-19. Many people, used to hopping on a plane or going on a road trip for their summer vacation, were homebound. Now, it’s their chance to catch up on all that traveling they weren’t able to do before.

Disney World is no exception. People are flocking to book their Disney World trip. If you’re trying to figure out where you’d like to vacation next summer, we’ve compiled a great list of reasons why you should plan a trip to Disney World.

A Disney World Vacation Is Accessible

Unfortunately, not all theme parks have prioritized accessibility. This is a challenge for people with canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility issues. If accessibility is a top priority when making your vacation plans, then a Disney World vacation might be just right.

Many of the rides are accessible to wheelchairs, which means no one will miss out on the fun. Another perk? The park is designed with ramps and elevators that make the experience as seamless as possible.

If you’re still worried about accessibility issues, consider asking for their Disability Access Service. This empowers visitors to take their journey through Disney World as slowly as they might need to.

You can ask about Disability Access Service, abbreviated as DAS, at guest services or prior to booking your trip.

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Embrace the Nostalgia

You might be worried that it’s ‘weird’ to visit Disney World if you don’t have small kids. After all, Mickey and Minnie are for little ones, right? Think again!

Disney World has been crafted to appeal to all ages. Many people grew up on Disney movies and merch, which means visiting can be a fun blast from the past.

Of course, some rides will feel a little juvenile to theme park aficionados. But with Disney’s amazing attention to detail and prioritization of the guest experience, it’s fun for all ages.

If you’re ready to embrace some childhood magic, visiting Disney World might be just the ticket.

Go for the Food

Theme parks are associated with high-calorie, low-quality food. A scorched hamburger and too many funnel cakes are often the options available.

What are you supposed to eat if you have dietary restrictions? From the food dye in slushies to the gluten in hot dog buns, you might be worried about food. After a long day in the sun, not eating isn’t an option.

For those with dietary restrictions, Disney has upped its game. For the majority of dining options, Disney has instituted vegan and vegetarian options. Dreaming of a vegan hot dog, or vegan fish and chips? It’s all there. 

If you look at a menu and don’t see something labeled vegan, take a moment to ask. Chances are, there are tons of vegan alternatives for those yummy menu options you’re eyeing.

Vacation Options

With many other theme parks and vacation options, you have to choose. Would you like a water park or an amusement park? Do you want to see something Star Wars-themed or something Marvel-themed?

When you visit Disney World, you don’t have to choose. With an empire the size of San Francisco, there is no settling here. Instead, Disney World is four massive theme parks wrapped in one. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and the Hollywood Kingdom all comprise Disney World.

You can spend a week going between parks and still not see everything that there is to see. Of course, if you want to prioritize, Magic Kingdom provides that classic Disney experience. 

The Disney World empire stretches beyond these four theme parks, of course. From Disney Springs to two water parks, from water parks to the BoardWalk, the experience goes behind theme parks.

If you want to experience world-class shopping, dining, and nightlife, you can do so without ever leaving Disney grounds.

Do you want to know the best part? There are tons of transportation options to get around. If you prefer, of course, you can drive your own vehicle. 

But if you’d rather go car-free, Disney offers airport shuttle transportation, ferries, buses, and a monorail option. All of these transportation options are accessible, which makes it easy for disabled visitors to go worry-free.

The Time Is Right

If you’re wondering when to visit Disney World, then it’s important to take a few factors into account. For starters, what will crowds look like?

This is important for COVID reasons, even as theme parks start to adjust to a more vaccinated population. But it’s also important to consider how much of your vacation you’re willing to spend waiting in line.

The month of September, as long as you plan around Labor Day being a peak traffic time, is a great choice. In this way, you’ll avoid most of the crowds. Children will be in school, and most people are winding up summer and won’t be there. 

Weather is also an important consideration. You’ll be outside for a majority of the time, which means you won’t want to be dripping sweat through your entire Disney experience.

Cost also factors in, too. Services will peak in cost during the main tourist season, and drop off the rest of the time. The cheapest time to visit Disney World is during the off-season.

Personal factors, such as when you can align PTO and school schedules, are important too. To make it easier, you can find listings with find listings with DVC Shop for lodging.

Wondering How to Visit Disney World?

If you want to visit Disney World, there’s no time like the present. Start investigating your options, and see what works for your unique lodging, transportation, dining, and accessibility needs. Check out vacation options today—and start packing.

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