What Are the Best UTV Parts I Need This Summer?

Juliet D'cruz

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The summer is here, and it’s time to prepare for off-roading and exploring in your UTV. However, before you take off the cover and hop in for a ride, make sure your vehicle is ready with some accessories and good cheap UTV tires and UTV wheels for sale

Obviously, there is more to setting up a UTV for summer riding. If you are interested in getting the most out of your ride, consider buying the following products.


While most UTVs have decent horsepower right off the manufacturer floor, many riders want more. One of the quickest and cheapest ways to give your vehicle a speed and power boost is with an exhaust upgrade. Exhaust for UTVs has been known to provide a minimum boost of five horsepower from the exhaust installation.


While summer is the perfect time for riding and powering through trails, it is also the time of bugs and overhanging growth. Installing windshields can go a long way toward ensuring your helmet remains dirt and insect-free. Windshields can also protect you against low-hanging branches around blind turns.

Skid Plates

While standard skid plates are decent, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade. Steel skid plates help to protect vulnerable elements located under your UTV body. For example, skid plates can protect the fuel tank and other features.


Have you or a friend ever gotten stuck in a ditch when coming around a bend too fast? If so, did you have the best tools to get out of the muck and back on the trail? A winch is an excellent tool to self-correct after ending up stuck in the mud. The beauty is you can use the tool to get yourself out or your friends.

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While it should go without saying, sight is a crucial element of UTV driving. Unfortunately, there are some potential blind spots built into the vehicle. Installing mirrors can ensure an accurate assessment of your surroundings, reducing the odds of an accident.

What Brand New Cheap UTV Tires Should Be at the Top of Your List

When looking for some new and affordable tires for your UTV, look no further than Kenda Bear Claw. These tires have several design features that contribute to handling in various terrains, like the layout of the treads. While Kenda is not the cheapest tire manufacturer on the market, the Bear Claw model is an excellent middle marker option.

Top 5 UTV Wheels

UTV wheels should come before the purchase of new tires. While there are many wheels to choose from, the top five include:

  1. STI HD3 Alloy
  2. ITPSS212
  3. STI HD Beadlock A1
  4. Quadboss Steely Wheels
  5. STI HD7 Radiant

UTVs are excellent vehicles for summertime fun. You can do several things to improve the machine’s performance, but the best changes tend to involve the wheels, tires, and exhaust. If you are thinking about upgrading anything on your ATV, or if you want to find the best and most affordable tire options on the market, contact a UTV parts supplies and ask one of its experienced representatives.

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