What Are the Different Types of Body Modifications That Exist Today?

Juliet D'cruz

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Have you thought about getting a tattoo or a piercing? Or maybe you want to consider more extreme types of body modifications. 

Body modifications, tattoos, and piercings are among the most popular means of expression in today’s society. These forms of body modification are mainstream with constant visual reminders on television from professional athletes and celebrities and are not categorized as belonging to a particular ethnic group, gender, or age group.

While dieting, bodybuilding, tanning, ear piercings, and cosmetic surgery are still widespread in the united states, practices such as tattooing and body piercing are ever-increasing in popularity.

So what are the different types of body modifications? Here’s everything you need to know about piercing trends and the best tattoos.

Changing The Body

Simply put, body modification means changing one’s physical appearance, and people often assume that the term applies to practices such as tattoos, piercings, esoteric branding, and scarification. 

People can opt for body modifications for deeper reasons such as religion, spiritual enlightenment or to express themselves. The different ways people deal with “body mods” range from simple to extreme.     

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Different Cultures 

Other body modifications from different cultures include neck extensions, henna tattoos, and earlobe stretching. Examples of modifications from across the globe include nose piercings related to Hinduism.

There is neck lengthening in Thailand and Africa, henna tattoos in southeast Asia and the middle east, dental files in Bali, lip piercings, earlobes stretched in Africa, and male and female circumcisions in many parts of the world.

In the past in western culture, women often wore corsets to transform their bodies. This compresses the bones, which is not dangerous. In Myanmar, however, Kayan women practice a riskier form of body transformation by wearing large brass rings around their necks, so that their necks lengthen over time.

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Punk Alternatives 

Other punk alternative means of changing one’s body are tattoos, piercings, scarifications, various implants, and ear shapes, all of which can be considered body modifications.     

For decades, people all over the world have changed their bodies using natural methods. Early forms of body modification included body piercings, tattoos, scarification, and design.

Although the modification of the body involves more and more extreme forms of it, such as tongue-plunging, implants, and suspension, these are not the only ways in which people change their bodies.     

How Painful? 

People who practice body enhancement say it looks less painful than it actually is. The tattoos are usually small and there are no scars left. The body has an intrinsic aesthetic value, and many find defects in its appearance that can be altered by cosmetic surgery.

This is common in western culture, and people practice scarification for various reasons.     

It may seem that tattoos and piercings are a way of expressing and showing how much each style is about changing the body in a way that means something. 

Mohawks made of metal spikes and dazzling gems in every space imaginable in the body shine and accentuate existing tattoos. These are a few of the ways people wear fashionable implants. Piercings, no matter how tattooed they are, seem tame compared to some features of mods.      

In the modern western context, scarification, branding, and popular tattoos are the most common ways people modify their bodies. These result in great results for most people who use reputable artists.


Piercings of other parts of the body such as labret and lip piercings are still practiced in form of enlarged lip and intervertebral disc piercings. Body piercing, tattooing, and scarification were all once associated with marginal and outlawed groups in the U.S. But these are now increasingly mainstream and the stigma has largely disappeared.

Ear piercings or Mitzi have been popular with tribal people for centuries as they live in defense of the evil spirits they believe penetrate the body. Many daughters ask for their ears to be pricked as soon as they are out of nappies and badger their parents.


Tattoos are not a new trend in body art that has been around for centuries. For example, tattoos in many cultures around the world are a way of identifying yourself as part of a particular group, representing your status within this group, or distinguishing yourself from others.     

These days, for example, it is difficult to find a woman who will not pierce her ears and many men and women all have tattoos. Just discussing tattoos can also be a form of therapy; it is no longer taboo. 

Appreciation of disfigurement and mutilation, especially when applied to bodily functions that are diminished or lost, is a phrase used by those who disagree with body modification to describe all kinds of modifications, especially non-consensual ones.

Today the term is often used to describe torture victims who have suffered damage to their ears, eyes, feet, genitals, hands, nose, teeth, and tongue, including amputation, burning, flagellation, skinning, and wheels.     

Infections From Body Modifications 

Although it is not currently possible to predict how many people will become infected with severe viral infections through body modifications caused by tattoo trends, we do know that there is an increased risk depending on the method and attitude used.

To stop this from happening be sure to only have body modifications done at licensed shops with a good reputation in the piercing or tattoo industry. Be sure to look them up on Facebook and Google to see what their reviews are like.

Once you have found the right piercing company for you, be sure to check out www.bodypiercejewelry.com for a great selection of body jewelry.

Be sure to look them up and see if they have something that meets your specifications. 

Types Of Body Modifications: Do Your Research

To properly understand the types of body modifications you must do your research. Decide which one is right for you and will look the most visually pleasing but will also be the least painful.

The tattoo industry has many talented artists who can do a good job and keep your tattoos hygienic so you don’t get infected. Meanwhile, the best piercings are often in places that are easy to pierce such as the ear.

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