What Is a Mail-Order Bride?

Charlotte Miller

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Although the term mail-order bride isn’t as popular as it once was, many people still use it to refer to women who want to relocate and marry in another country. “Most of these girls look for partners through specialized mail-order bride sites,” according to dating experts.

As you can presume, these women are mostly interested in Western guys because they can offer them a better life. Many mail-order brides were raised in poverty and want to ensure their kids have a better future. Besides financial reasons, women might also marry foreigners because of their exotic looks and culture.

It’s worth mentioning that there isn’t any monetary transaction during the process. The ladies marry foreigners voluntarily, although they might use intermediaries to find more and better guys. In fact, the dating and marrying process is a win-win for both sides.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of mail-order brides and how to find your wife through one of these sites.

How to Find a Mail-Order Bride?

The best way to find your future foreign wife is by using one of the many mail-order bride sites like BridesUniverse. Alternatively, you can visit one of these exotic countries and participate in live dating events. As mentioned, you can also hire a broker to help you out.

The choice of website, specifically, has the biggest impact on how quickly you can find a partner. Future husbands should be careful when choosing the platform, as there are lots of scams surrounding international, for-marriage dating. Just to help you out, we’ve listed some of the best platforms for this particular purpose:

  • SakuraDate – Perfect for finding Asian girls
  • GoldenBride – Specializes in European and especially Eastern European ladies
  • SofiaDate – Besides marriage, it can also serve for short-term flings
  • La Date – This is a good option for meeting Latinas
  • BravoDate – A universal site that accepts women from various countries
  • EasternHoneys – A website geared toward Asian women
  • UkraineBride4you – Specializes in Ukrainian online brides

The great news about mail-order bride sites is that there’s something for everyone. Most guys choose a platform based on their preferences, opting for a site that specializes in Asian, Latino, or East European women.

What Are the Benefits of Mail-Order Brides?

Some people will read a few lines of this article and say to themselves, “Why would I hassle this much?” Truth be told, online dating can be quite expensive. After that, you also have to consider visa and travel expenses, which can cost you several thousands of dollars.

Despite the initial skepticism, many guys eventually decide to pull the trigger. Mail-order brides are especially popular among people who’ve tried dating in the US, the UK, or Canada and have failed repeatedly. Luckily, you’ll be pleased to hear that marriages with mail-order brides are usually great for both sides and last much longer.

That said, here are a few benefits of dating and marrying these ladies:

  • Mail-order brides aren’t interested in cheap thrills, making them a perfect choice for guys who want to settle down
  • Many of these girls prepare for dating well in advance, putting their best foot forward when they meet you, as they know they won’t get many more similar chances
  • Among others, mail-order brides are much more appreciative than Western women for having an opportunity at a better life
  • Pursuing mail-order brides can be quite an exotic, thrilling experience. You can basically pick and choose females from various countries to be your wife with minimal hassle. That way, you won’t be limited by the local pool of girls
  • Some of these girls are also looking for an exotic partner and want to avoid the local guys and culture
  • Most importantly, mail-order brides generally believe in the cult of family and are very traditional

In many ways, meeting and dating mail-order wives will allow you to circumvent the common issues you might be facing with the local girls. These women won’t take you for granted and will do everything to please you. Marriages with foreign women usually last longer and are more fulfilling.

5 Indicators That Mail-Brides Are Right for You

Many guys will still find happiness marrying local US girls. Despite all the advantages, mail-order brides aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so you need to consider your options before trying this dating method. Nevertheless, if you fall into one of the following five categories, you should seriously consider international dating.

  1. Americans can be quite harsh toward guys who are clumsy around girls. Your timid nature won’t be as noticeable when dating foreigners as it might be interpreted as a cultural trait or a communication issue. That way, you can easily break the ice and get used to a woman before taking things further
  2. If you have already dated local girls and had your heart broken numerous times, you should consider looking outward. Foreign women could be a breath of fresh air as they have completely different habits
  3. Many Western women have a fatalist outlook on life. They might be scared about global warming, World War 3, or a new viral outbreak. If you’re adversely affected by all this gloominess, we suggest you try dating a foreign girl. Many mail-order brides are jovial and can be happy about small things in life
  4. Small stature and bad shape might be a deterrent for girls in the West. However, you might be above average height in Asia or Russia. They might value you for your blue eyes and blonde hair, both of which are considered attractive in these cultures
  5. Mail-order brides are also a good solution for guys who want to focus on a family. Most of these girls come from conservative environments and might have many siblings. As such, they would also like to form a big family and have the traditional marriage experience

If you fall into any of these groups, this might be a good indication that mail-order brides are the right choice for you. So, create an account on one of the numerous sites and start looking for your perfect international lady!