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When we released, “What is Inbound Sales Lead?” prompted another discussion on the president’s definitions. How do you search for inbound leads and what does “finding inbound leads” mean? Lets take a deeper look at what is inbound prospecting is. 


Inbound marketing is often described as a creative process that leads to content creation and asks that prospects provide their search experience in order to capture content. While this is true, seeing the good of leaders is not as easy as it seems and can use some explanation. 

In a nutshell, everyone who works with your company, from the person who likes your YouTube video to the person who downloads the whitepaper, leads. Stabilizing your prospect database for those who only filled out the form is myopic and throws your net into shallow water. The result of this narrow focus leads to fewer, fewer customers. 


If everyone involved with your company is a potential leader, then you should make sure you have the outsources inside sales and tools available to explore each of these links and see which ones are the true marketing leads. A good marketer goes into the “lead detective” and spends a lot of time checking Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to see who the people are in contact with. 

Does it take a lot of time to do this type of search to see if it is really leading or not? Of course, it does. But look at another way to avoid these types of leads: it lacks legit leads.

Remember, these people have shown interest in what your company says and what you do. Just turning away from them because they did not make it easy for you to follow, you are making your inbound plan unorganized. 

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One way you can speed up one of these inbound sales prospects is to create some automatic lead scoring. If you have already been developing information about your lead over time and counting everyone who works with you as a leader in your system, you can set up a simple sharing method that allows you to share points based on specific trends or structures. 

For example, if someone became a subscriber to your company’s blog and the only information filled in by the person was the first, last name, and email address. On top of that, that may not seem like much information to further or share lead points, but if you dig a little deeper as we discussed above (if you have the hardest lead intelligence software like HubSpot), you can get more. information can help to combine the two. 

The most important information you need to search for is your LinkedIn profile. If your secretary submits a non-corporate email address, you can see which company the person works for, as well as what industry, job title, and position in the company. By simply getting the LinkedIn profile, you can create the best guide tags based on your profile.


Regardless of the depth of your research, you want to capture the information you find about this prospect in a way that can be promoted throughout your organization. If you are putting your trust in a spreadsheet on your desktop, no one else can help you work on the lead. Working as a team to raise expectations works best. 

To make the most of your team time, you will want to make sure you are using some form of CRM tracking and sharing this type of information. As you learn more about this prospect and put the latest information into your database, make sure you keep it for others to use. 

Losing leads and not finding them is where most companies end up failing with their programs coming into play. They expect the guides to just fill out the forms and become customers without them having to do any hard work in between. It is a deep inbound sales prospect that exposes new leads, increases pump sales, and drives inbound marketing ROI. 


Marketing teams often choose a way to manage sales based on the type of business they have and the customer base. 

For example, in the B2C country, cold calls have a bad reputation. Telephone advertisers have never been very popular, and phone criminals have made it increasingly difficult for people to communicate with strangers. In 2021, a lost mountain climber made headlines when he turned his back on the rescue squad phones for more than 24 hours because they came from an unknown number.

In the B2B world, however, cold phones are generally accepted. Customers are accustomed to sellers holding them out of the blue and seemingly unconcerned more than 80 percent say they took meetings with agents who started contacting them through a cold phone call.

Generally speaking, marketing search methods are popular with marketers directly from B2B models. Meanwhile, B2C companies tend to achieve significant success with internal processes, including the leading generation. But there are a few large-scale B2C industries such as insurance, financial services, and real estate where out of control sales can be significant.

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