What Is Meaning Of Aarakshan? Find Out Meaning Of Aarakshan.

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What Is Meaning Of Aarakshan?

What Is Meaning Of Aarakshan?

What Is Meaning Of Aarakshan?

The meaning of aarakshan in English refers to the reservation that means a supportive action in use by the government for fixed quotas, where a number of seats in private and as well as government institutes are held in reserve for socially and educationally backward communities, scheduled castes, and tribes.

Basically, the meaning of aarakshan refers to the action of reserving something. So, the meaning of aarakshan is a Hindi word meaning reservation, or what we call as quotas in India, whereas quota can be defined as a fixed share of something that a person or group is allowed to be given or is bound to contribute.

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Synonyms of aarakshan:

  • surakshit adhikaar / सुरक्षित अधिकार
  • kisee vastu ka aarakshan / किसी वस्तु का आरक्षण
  • aarakshit bhoomi / आरक्षित भूमि
  • kaaran / कारणkaid / कैद
  • poorvarakshan / पूर्वरक्षण
  • nirbandh / निर्बन्ध
  • rijarveshan / रिजर्वेशन
  • poorvadhaarana / पूर्वधारणा
  • rukaavat / रुकावट
  • sanrakshan / संरक्षण


Why India Has Reservation?

Reservations in India were introduced: To rectify the past and historical injustice against the backward classes in India. To ensure that equal representation can be seen from people belonging to all castes in the services under the state and centre. To provide an equal platform for everyone irrespective of their caste.

What Is The English Word For Aarakshan?

Aarakshan means reservation. Prakash Jha’s movie Aarakshan is majorly based on caste-based reservations in Indian education sector.

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