What Is Meaning Of Abject Poverty? Find Out Meaning Of Abject Poverty.

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Abject Poverty Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Abject Poverty?

What Is Meaning Of Abject Poverty?

The Meaning Of Abject Poverty In English,

The meaning of abject poverty is defined as a state characterized by serious poverty of basic needs of a human, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education, and information.

It not only depends on income but also on access to services. The term abject poverty is also known as extreme poverty, absolute poverty, destitution, and penury.

The definition of the term “abject poverty” was defined by the united nations (UN) in its 1995 report of the World Summit for Social Development. In October 2015, the World Bank modernized the international poverty line, a global absolute minimum, to $1.90 a day. Which can be also concluded as “living on less than a dollar a day”.

The vast majority of those in extreme poverty which is nearly about resides in South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, the West Indies, East Asia, and the Pacific, and nearly half live in India and China alone. As of 2018, it is estimated that the country with the most people living in extreme poverty in Nigeria, with around 86 million of the extreme poverty population. In the past, the vast majority of the world population lived in the conditions of extreme poverty.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abject Poverty?

Synonyms Of Abject Poverty Are:

  • extreme poverty
  • severe poverty
  • extremely poor
  • very poor
  • extreme poor

What Are The Antonyms Of Abject Poverty?

Antonyms Of Abject Poverty Are:

  • endless wealth
  • inestimable wealth
  • comfort

What Are The Related Words Of Abject Poverty?

Related Words Of Abject Poverty Are:

  • dire poverty
  • deep poverty
  • extreme deprivation

What Is The Noun Form Of Abject Poverty?

Noun Form Of Abject Poverty Is:

  • Not Available The Noun Form Of Abject Poverty.

What Is The Verb Form Of Abject Poverty?

Verb Form Of Abject Poverty Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Abject Poverty.

What Is The Adjective Of Abject Poverty?

Adjective Of Abject Poverty Is:

  • Not Available The Noun Form Of Abject Poverty.


What Is The Word Meaning Of Abject?

: very low in spirit or hope : wretched. abject misery. an abject coward.

How Do You Use Abject Poverty In A Sentence?

Outside the small, vibrant city centre there were signs of abject poverty. He was born into abject poverty but he was driven to make a difference. Millions more were injured or reduced to abject poverty.

What Does Abject Poverty Look Like?

Abject is the lowest extreme imaginable and is associated with misery and humiliation. Therefore, abject poverty is the lowest, most hopeless form of poverty that exists. This often means looking for food in less than desirable conditions such as in garbage cans or sleeping on park benches or in cardboard boxes.

What Is An Example Of The Word Abject?

Examples from Collins dictionaries
Both of them died in abject poverty. This scheme was an abject failure. He sounded abject and eager to please. He looked back at the abject, silent girl and repeated his question.

What Is The Difference Between Abject And Relative Poverty?

Absolute Poverty is used to describe a condition where an individual does not have the financial means to obtain commodities to sustain life. Relative Poverty refers to the standard of living compared to economic standards of living within the same surroundings.

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