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What Is Meaning Of Accumulation? Find Out Meaning Of Accumulation.

by Altaf Shaikh
What Is Meaning Of Accumulation

What Is Meaning Of Accumulation?

What Is Meaning Of Accumulation?

The meaning of accumulation refers to the acquisition or gathering or increase of something over time. It means to collect a large number of things over a long period of time or the continuous growth of capital, etc. Accumulation is derived from a Latin word meaning “to heap up.”

Meaning Of Accumulation

What is the meaning of accumulation in English?
The meaning of accumulation in English is to gather into a heap, mass, cover, etc or to form a gradually increasing quantity.

Synonyms of accumulation:

• acquire
• add to
• assemble
• collect
• compile
• cache
• collocate
• cumulate
• gather
• heap
• stockpile
• store
• unite

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Examples Of Using The Word Accumulation Are:

  1. This specifies that differences in the rate of accumulation of economic education due to natural capability do not exist.
  2. It is the conclusion of more than a century’s capitalist accumulation of power and the application of wealth.
  3. The moderate accumulation of soot can seriously influence the way your chimney shows.
  4. The system they protect, based on the immense accumulation of private wealth at the cost of society as a whole, has extended a dead end.
  5. Neither imperialism nor colonialism is an easy act of accumulation and accession.
  6. The point, however, is that land is pivotal as the fundamental basis in the procedure of wealth generation and accumulation.
  7. Despite the huge accumulation of wealth by the wealthiest, the economy is tottering on the brink of collapse.
  8. The mere accumulation of national prosperity is not enough to deal with poverty as a health risk.
  9. According to the model, the Big Bang is followed by a period of slow enlargement and gradual accumulation of dark energy.
  10. It is asserted, presumably incorrectly, that in social environments gaping and weariness are due to an accumulation of carbon dioxide.
  11. The agronomical significance of cereal seeds is based on their accumulation of storage products, mostly starch, and proteins.


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