What Is Meaning Of Virgin Soil? Find Out meaning of Virgin Soil

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Find Meaning Of Virgin Soil?

What Is Meaning Of Virgin Soil?

Meaning Of Virgin Soil In English,


The meaning of Virgin soil is the soil that has not been cultivated before as you know that virgin means something unexploited, inexperienced, and not processed.

Many synonyms can be used in place of the virgin which can help you to know the term easier, the synonyms are as: untouched, unprocessed, pure, inexperienced, new, untarnished, and the list goes on. Here Virgin soil refers to new fresh or pure land which is not cultivated before.

The Meaning Of Virgin Soil is Unpolluted Soil or Pollution-free Soil. Chemical-free soil also is known as the Virgin Soil.

Virgin Soil Meaning In Hindi Is Apurvakrisht mrida.

Examples Of Virgin Soil Are:

  • Clay
  • marshy ground
  • loam
  • gravel


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What Are The Synonyms Of Virgin Soil?

Synonyms Of Virgin Soil Are:

  • Pure Soil
  • clean Soil
  • Unpolluted Soil
  • undamaged soil


What Are The Antonyms Of Virgin Soil?

Antonyms Of Virgin Soil Are:

  • impure soil
  • dirty soil
  • polluted soil
  • damaged soil


What Are The Related Words Of Virgin Soil?

Related Words Of Virgin Soil Are:

  • untainted
  • abstinent
  • undefiled


What Is The Noun Form Of Virgin Soil?

Noun Form Of Virgin Soil Is:

  • virgin soil


What Is The Verb Form Of Virgin Soil?

Verb Form Of Virgin Soil Is:

  • virginally
  • originally
  • initially


What Is The Adjective Of Virgin Soil?

Adjective Of Virgin Soil Is:

  • virginal
  • pure soil
  • unpolluted soil


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