What Is The Meaning Of Abash? Find Out Meaning Of Abash

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Abash Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abash?

What Is The Meaning Of Abash?

The Meaning Of Abash In English,

The meaning of abash is to make someone feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed. We can also say that abash means to destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of someone. In simpler words, we can also say that abash means to cause to feel ill at ease or make them so ashamed.

Abash can also be replaced by other words such as to make someone feel awkward, bashful, embarrassed, or ashamed. As the abash sounds like a big party or firefighters types, but the meaning is totally opposite to that.

But, to abash someone is not at all good, you have no idea about what is going on in other minds, or with which problem they are going to. So u should always think twice before saying something to someone, as the other one can go to even depression by just your words.

Rather try healing the person whoever u meet. Never, bully or abash anyone.

Even your words can either motivate or demotivate someone. So think twice before u say anything to anyone. The words from your mouth go directly to other person hearts whether it may be motivational words or either the abashed one. So, think nicely before you speak in front of anybody.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abash?

Synonyms Of Abash Are:

  • embarrass
  • disconcert
  • mortify
  • discomfit
  • humble
  • humiliate

What Are The Antonyms Of Abash?

Antonyms Of Abash Are:

  • lure
  • relax
  • refresh
  • lighten

What Are The Related Words Of Abash?

Related Words Of Abash Are:

  • confound
  • chagrin
  • confuse
  • shame
  • discountenance
  • crush

What Is The Noun Form Of Abash?

Noun Form Of Abash Is:

  • abashment

What Is The Verb Form Of Abash?

Verb Form Of Abash Is:

  • abashed
  • abashing
  • abashes

What Is The Adjective Of Abash?

Adjective Of Abash Is:

  • abashed


What Is The Meaning Of The Word Abash ‘?

to embarrass someone or make them feel uncomfortable: Her elder cousins abashed her by commenting on her shyness.

How Do You Use The Word Abash?

to embarrass someone or make them feel uncomfortable: Her elder cousins abashed her by commenting on her shyness. They tried not to be abashed by the unfamiliar luxury.

What Is A Sentence With Abashed In It?

He said nothing but looked abashed. ashamedHe was ashamed that he had been caught stealing. embarrassedI was too embarrassed to admit I was wrong. abashedShe looked at the floor, abashed.

What Word Is Like Abash?

Some common synonyms of abash are discomfit, disconcert, embarrass, and rattle. While all these words mean “to distress by confusing or confounding,” abash presupposes some initial self-confidence that receives a sudden check, producing shyness, shame, or a feeling of inferiority.

What Does Abash Mean Slang?

make ashamed or embarrassed

to destroy the self-confidence, poise, or self-possession of; disconcert; make ashamed or embarrassed: to abash someone by sneering.

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