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What Is The Meaning Of Abate? Find Out Meaning Of Abate.

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Meaning Of Abate

Find The Meaning Of Abate?

What Is The Meaning Of Abate?

The Meaning Of Abate In English,

The meaning of abate is to make something less intense. In other words, we can also say that abate means to reduce or completely remove something. In simpler words, we can also define abate as to become less strong.

Meaning Of Abate

The person feels defeated or become null or void in the case of abate. In the term of physics, abate can also be defined as to decrease in force or intensity.

For example, waiting for the storm to abate. To get decreased in amount or value can also be called as abate. Abate can also be defined as to become less or lower in amount or force than at a prior time.

Sometimes we can also say to abate means to omit it or to suspend or extinguish it. But as if I suggest if someone feels abated don’t bully them or abuse them instead of supporting them to come out of that. that person will be your thankful for a lifetime as u gave him his life back. Learn to help others rather than trying to abuse them or taunt them. Nobody is perfect here, everybody wants the support and if u cant support please don’t at least abase them.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abate?

Synonyms Of Abate Are:

  • lessen
  • diminish
  • reduce
  • decrease
  • subside
  • decline
  • moderate

Synonyms Of Abate

What Are The Antonyms Of Abate?

Antonyms Of Abate Are:

  • increase
  • enlarge
  • enhance
  • intensify
  • amplify
  • expand
  • rise

Antonyms Of Abate

What Are The Related Words Of Abate?

Related Words Of Abate Are:

  • lower
  • dwindle
  • ease
  • let up
  • soften
  • relax
  • contract

Related Words Of Abate

What Is The Noun Form Of Abate?

Noun Form Of Abate Is:

  • abater

What Is The Verb Form Of Abate?

Verb Form Of Abate Is:

  • abated
  • abating

What Is The Adjective Of Abate?

Adjective Of Abate Is:

Not Available The Adjective Of Abate

Examples Of Using The Word Abate Are:

  1. He also pointed out that the cold climate did not abate after Monday, with black ice on some roads on Tuesday night.
  2. There is a requirement for a definitive course of action in order to abate this spiraling issue.
  3. Surgery on the right ear declined but did not completely abate her manifestations, so she underwent surgery on the left ear.
  4. The city passed an edict that regulated open-air roasting and specified the use of stepped-up technology to abate the pollution.
  5. The warning of nuclear proliferation will abate as dangerous stockpiles of atomic weapons are rapidly used up.
  6. The plaintiffs sought an injunction needs the defendants to abate the nuisance as well as damages.
  7. Patients should be noticed in a closed ward setting until signs and manifestations abate.
  8. Most hot flashes are mild to average in intensity and generally abate over time without therapy.
  9. Illness did not abate over the five and a half years of Federal occupation as Helena became known as one of the most insalubrious locations in the Union.
  10. To abate the overload, The Daily Beast produced its first list of the best places on the Web.
  11. That current science has, again and again, proclaimed their findings do little to abate the continuing uncertainty.


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