What Is The Meaning Of Abnegation? Find Out Meaning Of Abnegation.

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Abnegation Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abnegation?

What Is The Meaning Of Abnegation?

The Meaning Of Abnegation In English,

The meaning of the term abnegation can be defined as the action of renouncing or rejecting something. In simpler words, we can also explain the term abnegation as the act of not allowing yourself to have something, especially something you like or want.

The word abnegation can also be replaced by other similar words such as renunciation, rejection, refusal, abandonment, surrender, denial, etc. the word abnegation is derived from Latin, past participle of “abnegate”, which means “to refuse, deny”. Abnegation can also be known as self- denial.

Self-denial or abnegation in terms of the Oxford dictionary can also be defined as the denial or abasement of oneself. It can also be defined as the situation when you do not take or have something that you would like because you think its good for you not to have it.

The term abnegation can be understood more deeply with its use in a sentence.

For example, her abnegation of ice cream and cookies is due to her Olympic team training, frank’s abnegation of responsibility for his son’s behavior angered the judge, etc. in the term it’s total your choice and not others. If others make a choice or decide something for you it doesn’t mean as abnegation.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abnegation?

Synonyms Of Abnegation Are:

  • self-denial
  • denial
  • self-sacrifice
  • abstinence
  • renunciation

What Are The Antonyms Of Abnegation?

Antonyms Of Abnegation Are:

  • acquiescence
  • surrender
  • yielding
  • adaptation

What Are The Related Words Of Abnegation?

Related Words Of Abnegation Are:

  • repudiation
  • disavowal
  • disclaimer
  • negation
  • sacrifice

What Is The Noun Form Of Abnegation?

Noun Form Of Abnegation Is:

  • abnegator
  • abnegation

What Is The Verb Form Of Abnegation?

Verb Form Of Abnegation Is:

  • abnegated
  • abnegating

What Is The Adjective Of Abnegation?

Adjective Of Abnegation Is:

  • abnegative 

Examples Of Using The Word Abnegation Are:

  1. The same holds for those specific settings where abnegation and impersonality are needed.
  2. He has queried in our act of faith an abnegation analogous to that of his Son.
  3. There is both a politics and a delight in this, and both are accidental on abnegation.
  4. However, the industry’s ensuing abnegation of customer care really gets Davies’ blood boiling.
  5. Known as Sufi, they selected for solitude and abnegation, relinquishing physical comforts.
  6. Many critics, theorists, and philosophers have affectless resigned themselves to this space of abnegation.
  7. Will the rambling spaces within the left be divided into radical, semi-radical, not-so radical, etc. depending on the abnegation of one’s own centering?
  8. This has nothing whatsoever to do with agreement or with abnegation.
  9. Scholarly is trying to wrestle control of the government away from abnegation via nefarious plans.
  10. While Alice’s suicide may have appeared as an act of emotional weakness or an act of familial abnegation, it is not.
  11. Kiarostami’s strict two-camera-position access is a very noticeable abnegation of the director’s normal freedoms.
  12. Sin is the alienation between God and humans initiated by human defiance or abnegation.
  13. The church could become the church, in his look, only if it, too, made the self-referential signal of abnegation.


How Do You Use Abnegate In A Sentence?

The government could not abnegate responsibility for the defects.

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Abnegation ‘?

the act of not allowing yourself to have something, especially something you like or want: They believe it is the duty of women to live for others in complete abnegation of themselves.

What Is The Sentence Of Abnegation?

It would be a serious abnegation of leadership if he were to do nothing. Silence is receptive, an abnegation of human effort. Her wartime letters, showing her abnegation, selfless duty and distress, make impressive reading.

What Is An Example Of Abnegation?

the act of not accepting something, or of saying that you do not have something: To ignore these issues would be a serious abnegation of responsibility. This abnegation of customer care really annoys me. They regarded nakedness as part of the abnegation necessary to achieve true enlightenment.

Does Abnegation Mean Selfless?

Abnegation is one of the five factions in the world of Divergent. People from Abnegation are selfless and they forget themselves for the sake of others.

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