What Is The Meaning Of Abstain? Find Out Meaning Of Abstain.

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Abstain Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abstain?

What Is The Meaning Of Abstain?.

The Meaning Of Abstain In English,

The meaning of abstain is to restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something.

In simpler words, we can also define the term abstain as to not do something, especially something enjoyable that you think might be bad. The term abstains can also be replaced by other words such as abjure, forbear, refrain, withhold, avoid, check, shun, etc.

The term abstain is derived from the Latin word, which means” to hold back”.

The meaning of the term abstain can be understood more clearly by making its use in the sentences. For example, he must abstain from all flesh diet except fish, I am trying to abstain from sweets for my new diet, the first step to virtue is to abstain from vice, etc. We can also explain the term abstain as, if you abstain from something, usually something you want to do, you deliberately do not do it.

Conventionally reject to vote either for or against a plan or motion is also called as abstain.

Abstention is a term abbreviated by the term abstain, which means that the voting participant has not voted during the period of the election. Abstention is contrasted with “blank vote”, which is neither considered as the positive result nor as to the negative one.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abstain?

Synonyms Of Abstain Are:

  • refrain
  • avoid
  • abstained
  • eschew
  • forbear

What Are The Antonyms Of Abstain?

Antonyms Of Abstain Are:

  • take
  • accept
  • vote
  • use
  • consume

What Are The Related Words Of Abstain?

Related Words Of Abstain Are:

  • withhold
  • shun
  • evade
  • refuse
  • deny

What Is The Noun Form Of Abstain?

Noun Form Of Abstain Is:

  • abstainer

What Is The Verb Form Of Abstain?

Verb Form Of Abstain Is:

  • abstaining
  • abstained

What Is The Adjective Of Abstain?

Adjective Of Abstain Is:

  • abstention


What Is An Example Of Abstain?

He abstained from taking part in the discussion. I need to abstain from eating [=I need to not eat] for at least 12 hours before my blood test.

How Do People Abstain?

People who are abstinent choose not to have sex. The official definition of abstinence includes not taking part in vaginal, anal, and oral sex. However, some people practice abstinence by only skipping one or two of those types of sexual activity. Anyone can practice abstinence at any time.

Why Is It Good To Abstain?

Abstinence protects people against STDs from vaginal sex. But STDs can also spread through oral-genital sex, anal sex, or even intimate skin-to-skin contact (for example, genital warts and herpes can spread this way). Complete abstinence is the only way to guarantee protection against STDs.

What Is The Meaning Of Abstain In The Bible?

(From Forerunner Commentary) Abstain means to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice.

What Is The Act Of Abstain?

This means avoiding all types of intimate genital contact. Someone practicing complete abstinence does not have any type of intimate sexual contact, including oral sex.

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