What Is The Meaning Of Acme? Find Out Meaning Of Acme.

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Acme Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Acme?

What Is The Meaning Of Acme?

The Meaning Of Acme In English,

The meaning of the term acme is that, the point at which something is at its best or most highly developed. In simpler words, we can also define the term acme as the best or most perfect thing that can exist or be achieved. The highest point of achievement or excellence can also be termed as acme.

The term acme can also be replaced by similar words such as peak, pinnacle, zenith, crest, crown, tip, top, summit, apex, etc.

The term acme is derived from the Greek word “acme”, which means the peak or zenith. The term acme is also an abbreviated form of the word acme corporation, where it is a fictional corporation that features prominently in the road runner/Wile E.

Coyote ebullient shorts such as a running gag promoting outlandish by-products that fail or backfire catastrophically at the overwhelm possible times. The name Acme Corporation is also handed-down as a general title in many cartoons, chiefly those made by Warner Bros, and films, TV Series, commercials, and comic strips.

You can get to know about the term acme more clearly by making the use of the term in the sentence. For example, the acme of the early prosperity of Austria was reached reigned from 1194-1230.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Acme?

Synonyms Of Acme Are:

  • peak
  • summit
  • height
  • apex
  • zenith
  • top

What Are The Antonyms Of Acme?

Antonyms Of Acme Are:

  • base
  • bottom
  • foot
  • depths
  • basis

What Are The Related Words Of Acme?

Related Words Of Acme Are:

  • climax
  • crown
  • crest
  • culmination
  • highest point

What Is The Noun Form Of Acme?

Noun Form Of Acme Is:

  • acme

What Is The Verb Form Of Acme?

Verb Form Of Acme Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Acme.

What Is The Adjective Of Acme?

Adjective Of Acme Is:

  • acmic
  • acmatic

Examples Of Using The Word Acme Are:

  1. He gets a job working for IBM, the acme of corporate, traditionalist paternalism, the antithesis of bohemianism.
  2. The MBA is the acme of middle-class parental aspiration and student dreams, but as a post-graduate qualification, it is a strange case.
  3. She is the acme of liberality, wanting to know if I’ve got a sweetheart so she can give her some jewelry, and which Broadway show I’d like to appear.
  4. Her eyes leisurely rose from its foot to its acme, taking in its baseness and impassable.
  5. To do that for the benefit of corporate stout-heartedness is, I think, the acme of what Aristotle meant by goodness.
  6. The team beyond Indochine and acme is also opening Tijuana Picnic in the LES sometime next month.
  7. Civil war, revolution, terrorism, and international war are largely criticized by many societies and glorified by others as the acme of patriotic passion.
  8. The first efforts of the papacy to lift up its power and reinstate its prestige coincided with the acme of the Patriarch in Constantinople around the eleventh century.
  9. She scourged a plastic bag from beneath the sink and started wrapping ornaments, briskly, like baggers at the Acme.
  10. His latest hardcover, a redolent bouquet known The Acme Novelty Date Book, maybe his most menacing.


What Type Of Word Is Acme?

Noun. (medicine) Synonym of crisis, the decisive moment in the course of an illness.

What Is Meant By The Word Acme?

acme. noun. ac·​me ˈak-mē : the highest or most critical point or stage (as of growth or development)

How Do You Use The Word Acme?

The acme of something is its highest point of achievement or excellence. His work is considered the acme of cinematic art.

Why Did Looney Tunes Use Acme?

Acme isn’t a made-up word or a jokey acronym, but comes the Greek akme (the “highest point” or “peak,” and often used to mean the best of a category). Its heavy use in cartoons comes from its popularity as a name in the era when the Yellow Pages and other alphabetized phone directories became common

What Does Acme Mean Wikipedia?

Acme is Ancient Greek (ἀκμή; English transliteration: akmē) for “the peak”, “zenith” or “prime”.


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