What Is The Meaning Of ACPN? Find Out Meaning Of ACPN.

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ACPN Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of ACPN?

What Is The Meaning Of ACPN?

Meaning Of ACPN In English,

The term ACPN is the acronym that stands for “American College of Professional Neuropsychology”. The main mission of ACPN is to advance the profession of Clinical Neuropsychology through its advocacy of outstanding educational and public policy initiatives.

The main aims of ACPN can also be termed as follows:

  1. To support those principles, policies, and practices that seek the attainment of the best in clinical neuropsychological patient care.
  2. The communication of scientific and scholarly information through continuing education, scientific meetings, and publications.
  3. To encourage board certification by the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN) as the standard for competence in the practice of Clinical Neuropsychology.
  4. The tracking of excellence in psychological education, especially as it concerns the clinical neuropsychological sciences.

There are also many more aims of the ACPN’s which they wish to be fulfilled.

Basically, the ACPN (American College of Professional Neuropsychology) is a membership organization formed on September 1, 1995.

The organization is composed of over 400 neuropsychologists who have doctoral degrees, licensed as psychologists, and have been completed the Diplomate examination process of the ABPN as well as 122 Affiliate members.

Diplomats of the ABN who are in good standing are automatically the Fellows of ACPN.


What Did Acronym Stand For?

An acronym (pronounced AK-ruh-nihm, from Greek acro- in the sense of extreme or tip and onyma or name) is an abbreviation of several words in such a way that the abbreviation itself forms a pronounceable word. The word may already exist or it can be a new word.

What Does ACP Mean In Business?

Automatic Contribution Plan (various organizations) ACP.


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