What Is The Meaning Of ADCA? Find Out Meaning Of ADCA.

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ADCA Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of ADCA?

The term ADCA is an acronym that stands for “Advance Diploma in Computer Applications”. ADCA is generally a course managed by many of the universities that covers most of the subject matters from the different fields of computers, internet, operating systems, office automation, programming languages, hardware maintenance, etc. This course gives the advanced knowledge of computer application.

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for skilled person for handling Computer Applications. The people who are good at maths and are interested in computer technology can go for the studies of a diploma in computer application.

The course duration for the study of ADCA ranges from 6-12 months. ADCA includes many of the various topics such as work-sheets, slides-powerpoint, docs-word, operating system, forms database, front page, HTML, javascript, C language, C++ language, Foxpro, etc.

There is no requirement to give any kind of entrance examination for the admission of ADCA. You can take direct admission in any college of your wish. The course fee ranges between INR 5000-20000 for the total duration.

The eligibility required for the admission in ADCA is 10+2 from a recognized university. The probable salaries offered to successful postgraduates in this field are between 2-5 Lacs per annum. There are many top colleges offering this course located in Jalandhar, Kanpur, Allahabad, Mumbai, Rohtak, Chennai, etc.


What Is Difference Between DCA And ADCA?

ADCA is advance form of DCA.

What Is The Full Form Of ADCA In Computer Duration?

The ADCA full form is Advanced Diploma In Computer Application course.

Is ADCA Certificate Valid?

Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification. Certificate Valid for Lifetime.

Is Adca A Diploma?

ADCA is a one-year undergraduate diploma that focuses on providing information related to technologies and research which is carried out in the field of computer application. The ADCA course includes programming, web designing, Microsoft office, and other computer application and industry-related subjects.

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