What Is The Meaning Of Adhesive? Find Out Meaning Of Adhesive.

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Adhesive Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Adhesive?

What Is The Meaning Of Adhesive?

The Meaning Of Adhesive In English,

The meaning of the term adhesive is, being able to stick fast to a surface or object. In simpler words, an adhesive is a substance such as glue, which is used to make things stick firmly.

The term adhesive is also known as glue, cement, mucilage, or paste. The adhesive substance is any non-metallic substance pertained to one surface, of two different items that bind them together and stops their separation.

The use of adhesives gives many advantages over binding capability such as sewing, mechanical fastening, thermal bonding, etc. As the adhesive has advantages it also consists of some disadvantages such as decreased stability at high temperature, relative weakness in bonding large objects with a small bonding surface area, and higher difficulty in dividing objects during testing.

Adhesives are generally organized by the method of adhesion. Adhesives are either found naturally or are produced synthetically in the laboratory. The adhesives are then organized into two (reactive and non-reactive), which refers to whether the adhesive chemically reacts in order to harden.

There are various types of adhesives such as non-reactive, reactive and origin. They are further classified into various types, for non-reactive adhesives they are drying, pressure-sensitive, contact, hot, while for reactive adhesives they are anaerobic, multi-part, pre-mixed or frozen adhesives, one part or by origin they are natural and synthetic.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Adhesive?

Synonyms Of Adhesive Are:

  • glue
  • sticky
  • paste
  • gummy

What Are The Antonyms Of Adhesive?

Antonyms Of Adhesive Are:

  • loose
  • free
  • nonadhesive
  • cohesive

What Are The Related Words Of Adhesive?

Related Words Of Adhesive Are:

  • bumper sticker
  • adhering
  • gluey
  • gooey

What Is The Noun Form Of Adhesive?

Noun Form Of Adhesive Is:

  • Adhesiveness

What Is The Verb Form Of Adhesive?

Verb Form Of Adhesive Is:

  • Adhesively

What Is The Adjective Of Adhesive?

Adjective Of Adhesive Is:

  • Adhesive

Examples Of Using The Word Adhesive Are:

  1. When insulation is utilized in the cavity, foam-board adhesive is appealed to the back for adhesion.
  2. Therefore, a traditional cyanoacrylate adhesive might be selected and utilized in conjunction with an accelerator in an effort to speed the cure.
  3. The owner places adhesive labels or tags on each item he or she cannot supply to lose.
  4. Now the mean consumer can forget about toying with adhesive labels and just print right to the disc.
  5. The serial numbers are imprinted on adhesive strips, so I put the strip on the case.
  6. Many other abalones use mucus to connect to the substratum with differing degrees of adhesive strength.
  7. He also has a piece of adhesive gum with drawing pins dropped in it which, when merged with a thick rubber band, makes a horrifying sling.
  8. The user has only to acknowledge that cardiac apprehend may have happened and connected two adhesive electrodes to the patient’s chest.
  9. The electrodes should be connected to the skin by double-sided adhesive collars.
  10. Representatives of the Siganidae family first build small adhesive egg sacs, which then became nymphs.
  11. There will be a lucky dip, incorporating the ambiguous Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp.


What Is The Synonym Of Adhesive?

cement. noungluing, binding material

What Do We Mean By Adhesive?

adhesive, any substance that is capable of holding materials together in a functional manner by surface attachment that resists separation. “Adhesive” as a general term includes cement, mucilage, glue, and paste—terms that are often used interchangeably for any organic material that forms an adhesive bond.

What Does Adhesive Mean In A Sentence?

/ədˈhiː.sɪv/ a sticky substance that is used for joining things together, usually permanently: You’ll need a strong adhesive to fix that chair. Fill in the gaps with clear silicone adhesive.

What Is Emotional Adhesive?

Emotional glue reveals a character’s internal reactions, ruminations, and anticipated responses to the dialogue and action of the story. It’s the unspoken ideas and feelings that focus and hold together the narrative and keep the reader right there with you, caring and excited about what’s gradually evolving.

What Is The Strongest Type Of Adhesive?

epoxy resin

The name of the world’s strongest adhesive is DELO MONOPOX. This is a modified version of the high-temperature-resistant DELO MONOPOX HT2860. This epoxy resin forms a very dense network during heat curing.

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