What Is The Meaning Of Obnoxious? Find Out Meaning Of Obnoxious.

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Obnoxious Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Obnoxious

What Is The Meaning Of Obnoxious?

The Meaning Of Obnoxious In English

The meaning of the term obnoxious is that it is something that is extremely unpleasant. The other words by which the term obnoxious can be explained more clearly are rude, offensive, nasty, off-putting, awful abhorrent, loathsome, etc.

the term obnoxious is derived from a Latin word “obnoxiosus”, which means hurtful, injurious, or dangerous.

You can understand the word “obnoxious” more clearly by making the use of the term in the sentence. For example, nobody wants to talk to an obnoxious man. You can think of it too, which means if someone is being rude or unpleasant towards you then you won’t like to go again to that person or either you would start ignoring him. So, you should always be humble to others rather than being obnoxious to them.

Because, as if you start being obnoxious to others no one will like to be your friend or talk to you. So always try to be kind to others. In the deep, you can also say that the term obnoxious has been derived from Latin ob-“exposed to” and noxa-“harm”.

It has been wholly superseded, nevertheless, by the sense “extremely offensive”. Now, many people ask what is meant by an obnoxious person?. So, an obnoxious person is a person that behaves very rudely and in an unpleasant manner with other persons.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Obnoxious?

Synonyms Of Obnoxious Are:

  • abhorrent
  • annoying
  • disgusting
  • hateful
  • loathsome
  • nasty
  • objectionable

What Are The Antonyms Of Obnoxious?

Antonyms Of Obnoxious Are:

  • agreeable
  • decent
  • friendly
  • good
  • great
  • kind
  • lovable

What Are The Related Words Of Obnoxious?

Related Words Of Obnoxious Are:

  • reprehensible
  • rotten
  • unpleasant
  • abominable
  • awful
  • beastly

What Is The Noun Form Of Obnoxious?

Noun Form Of Obnoxious Is:

  • obnoxiousness

What Is The Verb Form Of Obnoxious?

Verb Form Of Obnoxious Is:

  • obnoxiously

What Is The Adjective Of Obnoxious?

Adjective Of Obnoxious Is:

  • Obnoxious

Examples Of Using The Word Obnoxious Are:

  1. There’s that obnoxious colored red tape around their backyard, all over, taping it off.
  2. They were loud, self-assertive, and obnoxious, and Tanj couldn’t visualize how they’d been admitted to the sell-off.
  3. Murphy’s feature flip-flops between an obnoxious clown and a likable cipher, failing to ever find a suitable balance.
  4. I find it obnoxious and scaring to see drunks in bars and on the streets.
  5. Homecoming to her native city from Asia, she was driven home by a rude, obnoxious and dishonest driver.
  6. The water was a tone of obnoxious blue that gave the sky a run for its money.
  7. It is fabulously difficult to find a high school student who isn’t obnoxious.
  8. His is tendentious, obnoxious, and rude but we knew that about him before the book came out.
  9. I had to call each of my administrators into my office one at a time and describe how what I did actually made the obnoxious guy feel worse.
  10. I suppose he was not attentive to the fact that he was in a church and being exceedingly obnoxious.
  11. I had a faint aspiration that the heat would remove that obnoxious isolate ragwort from the roadsides of Cumbria.


What’s An Example Of Obnoxious?

Poking someone repeatedly is obnoxious. Driving like a maniac is obnoxious. If the teacher comes in and finds students jumping up and down and throwing books, she might say, “Stop being so obnoxious!” Any time someone is obnoxious, someone else probably wants them to stop it.

What Does It Mean If A Person Is Obnoxious?

very unpleasant or rude: Some of his colleagues say that he’s loud and obnoxious. When she’s in a bad mood she’s obnoxious to everyone. Synonym. objectionable formal.

Is Obnoxious An Insult?

Obnoxious describes that is extremely unpleasant, insulting, or annoying. Obnoxious is usually used to describe a person whose behavior is extremely unpleasant, insulting or annoying. Synonyms for obnoxious that may be found in a thesaurus are repulsive, objectionable, disagreeable and loathsome.

What Is Obnoxious Behavior Example?

One of the things that can be so challenging is getting your kids to stop doing what we call “obnoxious behaviors” – things like whining, teasing, arguing, and more. The best way to get those behaviors to stop (without yelling and frustration) is to have a plan!

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