What Is The Meaning Of Adjunct Professor? Find Out Meaning Of Adjunct Professor.

Adjunct Professor Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Adjunct Professor?

The meaning of the term adjunct professor is that it is a type of academic appointment in higher education. The other words which can be synonymous with an adjunct professor are adjunct lecturer, adjunct instructor, contingent academic labor, or adjunct faculty, etc.

The term adjunct professor has a different meaning in different countries. You can also state the example as, in Canada, adjunct professors are nominated in recognition of active involvement with the appointing institution, while they are employed by government, industry, a profession or another institution.

Whereas, in Portugal, the designation professor adjunto implies stable full-time employment in a polytechnic university. While in the parts of Spain, professor adjunto is a non-tenured position.

Most of the time the question arrives is, what is the difference between a professor and an adjunct professor? So, the biggest difference between an adjunct and a professor are the hours. The adjuncts are essentially part-time professors for an institution or some adjuncts have a corporate full-time job while being an adjunct on the side. Also, the adjuncts usually did not need to attend certain meetings like the professors.

In simpler words, you can also define the meaning of adjunct professor as, someone who is hired by a college to teach but isn’t a full member of the faculty.

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