What Is The Meaning Of Bond? Find Meaning Of Bond.

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Bond Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Bond? 

What Is The Meaning Of Bond?

The Meaning Of Bond In English,

A bond is an agreement with legal force. It is also known as fixed-income security or fixed-income instrument. It is an owing money instrument created for the purpose of raising money. The owners of the bonds are debtholders or the creditors.

A bond can be treated as an I.O.U between the bond issuer and the lender which includes the details of the loan and its payments.

Bonds are used by many such as the companies, municipalities, states, and sovereign governments to finance projects and operations, etc. Bond details also include the end date when the principal of the loan is due to be paid to the bond issuer and usually includes the terms for variable or fixed interest payments made by the freeloader.

The bond is one of three asset classes individual investors are usually familiar with, along with stocks and cash equivalents. Some bonds are publicly traded while others are traded only over-the-counter (OTC) or privately between the bond issuer and the lender. Most bonds share some common basic characteristics which include face value, the coupon rate, coupon dates, the maturity date, the issue price and many more.

The bonds are of four different categories namely corporate bond, municipal bond, government bond, and agency bond.

There are also different varieties of bonds such as zero-coupon bonds, convertible bonds, callable bonds, puttable bonds, pricing bonds, etc. The most common type of bond is the municipal bond and the corporate bond.

Rather than a legal agreement bond is also a term that is used as a thing to tie something or to fasten things together. A bond can be between anyone – a very strong bond like the bond between a mom and her daughter, a bond between a father and his son, a bond between two friends, etc.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Bond?

Synonyms Of Bond Are:

  • link
  • connect
  • connection
  • guarantee
  • join
  • tie
  • relationship

What Are The Antonyms Of Bond?

Antonyms Of Bond Are:

  • loosen
  • open
  • let go
  • unfasten
  • tear-off
  • clash

What Are The Related Words Of Bond?

Related Words Of Bond Are:

  • binding
  • promise
  • pledge
  • obligation
  • deposit
  • contract
  • surety
  • bind

What Is The Noun Form Of Bond?

Noun Form Of Bond Is:

  • bonder

What Is The Verb Form Of Bond?

Verb Form Of Bond Is:

  • bind
  • bonded
  • bonding

What Is The Adjective Of Bond?

Adjective Of Bond Is:

  • binding
  • bondable
  • bondless

Examples Of The Word Bond Are:

  1. Failure to bond with their parents was the leading reason children were being given away.
  2. If the Russians had discarded the bonds, you would have appeared more of a reaction in the bond market.
  3. Of course, contract rates could move lower if investors head to the relative safety of the bond market and drive surrenders down.
  4. Some think of themselves as demisexual, only able to feel desirability when a very strong emotional bond already exists.
  5. A strong acid is also a particle whose conjugate base is quite happy with the surplus electrons it got from the bond.
  6. She became pregnant for the first time, and the bond between them grew ever powerful.
  7. It was built in 1935 by ES Roberts from Flemish bond brickwork with Art Deco characteristics.
  8. Typically, the boss or captain would be needed to post a performance bond.
  9. Bridegroom Matt Murrell, 42, a former Royal Marine, built a close bond with the random German Shepherd in the battle zone of Iraq.
  10. One of the ways to mark to model corporates is through bond equivalence using Macauley’s algorithm for a period.
  11. A contract of the eternal bond of love, established by mutual joinder of your hands.


What Is A Bond In Relationship?

Bonding typically refers to the process of attachment that develops between romantic or platonic partners, close friends, or parents and children. This bond is characterised by emotions such as affection and trust. Any two people who spend time together may form a bond.

What’s The Definition Of A Bond?

A bond represents a promise by a borrower to pay a lender their principal and usually interest on a loan. Bonds are issued by governments, municipalities, and corporations.

What Does Having A Bond With Someone Mean?

A bond between people is a strong feeling of friendship, love, or shared beliefs and experiences that unites them. The experience created a very special bond between us.

What Are The 5 Types Of Bonds?

There are five main types of bonds: Treasury, savings, agency, municipal, and corporate. Each type of bond has its own sellers, purposes, buyers, and levels of risk vs. return. If you want to take advantage of bonds, you can also buy securities that are based on bonds, such as bond mutual funds.

What Does Bonds Of Love Mean?

A romantic attachment (also called pair-bonding) is a deep emotional bond to another individual. The tendency to form a deep emotional bond to another individual is a universal feature of human life. The attachments you form to your romantic partners are designed by evolution to keep you together.

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