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What Is The Meaning Of Economy ? Find Out Meaning Of Economy

by Altaf Shaikh
meaning of Economy

Find The Meaning Of Economy?

What Is The Meaning Of Economy?

The Meaning Of Economy In English,

The meaning economy is the careful use of money, resources, and means of production. The economy also means the system of how payment is made and used within a particular country or region.

Meaning Of Economy

A region's Economy is connected with things like what percentage products and services are created and the way abundant cash individuals will pay on these items.

Economies make (produce products). We measure savings by how much they make or Gross Domestic Product. An economy could be a system of organizations and establishments that either facilitate or play a job within the production and distribution of products and services during a society.

Savings determine how resources are distributed among members of an organization; they learn the value of products or services, and they even determine what sorts of things can be traded or bartered for those services and goods.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Economy?

Synonyms Of Economy Are:

  • saving
  • business
  • economic
  • economies
  • financial situation

Synonyms Of Economy

What Are The Antonyms Of Economy?

Antonyms Of Economy Are:

  • waste
  • spending
  • improvidence

Antonyms Of Economy

What Are The Related Words Of Economy?

Related Words Of Economy Are:

  • economic circumstances
  • economic situation
  • economic status
  • providence
  • scrimping
  • economic position
  • economic performance

Related Words Of Economy

What Is The Noun Form Of Economy?

Noun Form Of Economy Is:

  • economy

What Is The Verb Form Of Economy?

Verb Form Of Economy Is:

  • economically

What Is The Adjective Of Economy?

Adjective Of Economy Is:

  • economical

Examples Of Using The Word Economy Are:

  1. The outside migration of people from the city has adversely affected the city’s economy greatly.
  2. The article inspects various instances of such strategies, not only for companies operating in an investor economy but also for companies based in countries that keep a traditional economy.
  3. It was a study on building political freedom through maintaining inherited knowledge and the traditional economy.
  4. The book allocates extensively with the traditional economy, the structure of Dene Kinship and its role in social companies.
  5. It is suggested that the creative economy works through a procedure of cultural diffusion, for which a conceptual apprehension of cultural diffusion is outlined.
  6. The economy has been exhausted by the appropriation of the country’s resources by dishonest officials.
  7. The new governor gives assurance to work to revive the state’s rigid economy.
  8. He notified that such measures could cause the economy to subside.
  9. A heritage economy is a system where heritages, customs, belief systems, and inheritance determine the answer to the three economic queries.
  10. It has become commonplace in today’s world that intellectual property rights have taken the place of connection to commodities in the traditional economy.
  11. Most people blame the government for the country’s aggravating economy issues.


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