What Is The Meaning Of IAS? Find Out Meaning Of IAS.

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Find The Meaning Of IAS?

What Is The Meaning Of IAS?

The Meaning Of IAS In English,

IAS is the acronym that stands for “Indian Administrative Service”. It is the top and the most prestigious administrative civil service of the government of India. Their officers hold the key and strategic positions in the Union government and public sector undertaking.

Their officers are recruited through the civil services exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), which is considered very difficult to crack. IAS is one of the three arms of the all India services along with the Indian Forest Service (IFS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS).

The IAS officers hold the key positions in the Union and State. These officers play an important role in the form of the commissioner, chief secretary, collector, head of public sector units, cabinet secretary, etc.

These IAS officers hold an opportunity to make their nation a better place by improving the issues faced by the people of that nation. The IAS officers at various levels of administration also play vital roles in conducting free, fair and smooth elections in India.

Candidates who wish to apply for IAS exams should hold a Bachelor’s Degree from any of the recognized universities of India. IAS is controlled by the Ministry of Personnel and Grievances, Government of India.

It is a prime cadre of Indian Bureaucracy in civil service. Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is also considered as the premier civil service of India. Officers of these three services i.e. IPS, IFS and IAS serve the government of India as well as the individual states.

IAS was introduced on 26 January 1950 to India. There are many responsibilities of an IAS officer such as to collect revenue and function as court officials in matters of revenue and crime, to maintain law and order, to contribute to policy formulation, to handle the administration and daily proceedings of the government, etc.

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