What Is The Meaning Of Lollipop | Find Out Detailed Meaning Of Lollipop

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Lollipop Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Lollipop?

What Is The Meaning Of Lollipop?

The Meaning Of Lollipop In English,

Lollipop Means It Is the dessert-themed Android codename for the 5.0 update of the open-source Android mobile operating system.

Lollipop debuted in Gregorian calenay suck on a lollipop and be shocked to search out candy or gum in its center.

Some lollipops are little, round, and fruity, whereas others square measure swirls of color as massive as your head. Still, other candies are long and skinny or filled with liquid or bubble gum centers.

The issue all of them have in common is that they stick you hold whereas consumption them.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Lollipop?

Synonyms Of Lollipop Are:

  • lolly
  • candy
  • lollypop
  • sucker
  • candy bar

What Are The Antonyms Of Lollipop?

Antonyms Of Lollipop Are:

  • gladiator
  • juul

What Are The Related Words Of Lollipop?

Related Words Of Lollipop Are:

  • sweet
  • fudge
  • toffee
  • caramel
  • popsicle
  • jujube

What Is The Adjective Of Lollipop?

Adjective Of Lollipop is:

  • sweet
  • sweetest

What Is The Noun Form Of Lollipop?

Noun Form Of Lollipop is:

  • lolly
  • lollipop
  • lollypop

What Is The Verb Form Of Lollipop?

Verb Form Of Lollipop is:

  • suck
  • touch
  • grope

Examples Of Using Word Lollipop Are:

  1. Place a small prize such as a lollipop in the center to encourage them.
  2. A two weeks ago the lollipop lady was taken off the crossing following two near misses, leaving children to repulse for themselves.
  3. Road developments have been promised after a lollipop lady was acquired down outside a school.
  4. A lollipop lady is finally hanging up her stick after 42 years of helping children to cross the road.
  5. Recall giving young children a bottle, a lollipop, or a slice of gum when the plane takes off and lands.
  6. Anyway, one boy sees me with a lollipop, asks for one and next thing I’m surrounded by dozens of boys after them.
  7. After that, I had to run after the bus and ended up sitting next to some cheeky mouth breather who proffered me a half-licked lollipop.
  8. We have been told that a yellow flowering plant we have is a lollipop bush, but when we bought it, it was labeled as a shrimp plant.
  9. I sat back down and restarted my editing, sticking the strawberry lollipop back in my mouth.
  10. I mean if he had a lollipop in his mouth and started sucking her teeth, I would have thought she was Attraction Girl Petition.


What Is A Lollipop Person Called?

A crossing guard (North American English), lollipop man/lady (British, Irish, and Australian English), crosswalk attendant (also Australian English), or school road patrol (New Zealand English) is a traffic management personnel who is normally stationed on busy roadways to aid pedestrians.

What Is The Double Meaning Of Lollipop?

The word lollipop combines the word ‘loll’ or ‘lolly’, of uncertain origin but meaning ‘hang loosely’ or perhaps a localized term for the tongue, and the word ‘pop’, from the sound something makes when it is hit suddenly.

What Does Lollipop Mean In Slang?

In a sexy, flirtatious post, it can imply an interest in oral sex. It can sometimes imply a child-like naivety combined with an overt sexuality. It may be used with other emoji that are representational of sexual messaging—like the eggplant, cucumber, bagel, or doughnut.

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