What Should You Know About Google Professional Cloud Architect Certbolt Certification to Get It in the Shortest Time?

Juliet D'cruz

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The Google Professional Cloud Architect credential is intended for those professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in Google Cloud technologies. The candidates for this Certbolt certification will gain extensive knowledge of Cloud architecture as well as Google Cloud Platform. Obtaining this certificate confirms that one has the skills required to develop effective solutions to drive towards the objectives of the enterprise.

Key details of the certification exam

The exam for the Google Professional Cloud Architect credential is a two-hour test covering a range of question formats. These include multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. The exam is available in two languages: Japanese/English. To take the test, the candidates are required to pay the registration fee of $200. This is exclusive of any applicable taxes. The Certbolt certification exam has no official prerequisite. However, it is recommended that the students have at least three years of industry experience. Additionally, they should have at least one year of experience in designing and managing solutions with the use of Google Cloud Platform.

You can take the test as an online proctored one at a remote location or as an onsite proctored exam in a testing center. You can check the official website to find the center that is nearest to you. More details of how the test-taking process works can be also found on the exam webpage. Please note that all the Google Cloud Certbolt certifications, including Google Professional Cloud Architect, are valid for two years only. To ensure that your certificate is relevant, you will need to retake the prerequisite test after this period expires. For more visit Certbolt.com

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Skills measured in the certification exam

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam evaluates the applicants’ ability to carry out the following functions:

  • Designing and planning Cloud solutions
  • Provisioning and managing Cloud solutions infrastructure
  • Analyzing and optimizing business and technical processes
  • Designing for compliance and security
  • Ensuring reliability of operations and solutions
  • Managing implementation for Cloud architecture

The examinees must be conversant with these topic areas and should be ready to demonstrate competence in each of them.

Preparation options for the certification exam

If you want to excel in your Google Professional Cloud Architect certification test at the first attempt, you need to prepare for it thoroughly. The first step in the study process is to review the exam guide. This contains a comprehensive list of all the topics covered in the Certbolt certification test. Take time to review it to evaluate your skill level and determine the areas that need further preparation. Among the questions, there are some case studies that will help you understand how Google Cloud Platform works with the help of illustrative examples.

You can take advantage of training courses offered by Google to build up your proficiency in the exam domains. If you lack practical experience, pay closer attention to hands-on labs. Moreover, use additional resources such as exam dumps and practice tests, which are widely available online. For more visit https://www.exam-labs.com/


Google Professional Cloud Architect is one of the most high-paying and respectful IT credentials and the experts that earn it are in high demand for the companies that adopt Google Cloud. All you need to achieve success in your Certbolt certification exam is to use reliable resources. Take time to go through the Google learning platform to find study materials that will suit you. With effective preparation, you can pass your test at the first attempt.

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