When Should You Hire an AC Specialist?

Juliet D'cruz

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Is your AC working overtime lately? It’s no surprise if your HVAC has become your best friend during these hot summer months. After all, is there anything better than escaping into your cool home on a sweltering day?

As such, it’s important to keep the AC running properly. Most homeowners can handle regular maintenance like replacing the air filter, but what about more complicated work?

This guide will examine some of the signs that you may need an AC specialist. Keep an eye out for these AC troubles. 

Blowing Hot Air

Nothing is as bewildering as cranking the thermostat down only to realize that the vents are blowing warm air. Beyond the discomfort in your home, you are also looking at some serious problems. 

When this occurs, there are two main reasons. Either the compressor is going bad or your air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant. These are not issues that will go away over time. The sooner you call a specialist, the lower the costs may be. 

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Poor Air Flow 

Nearly as bad as warm air is very poor airflow. If a minimal amount of air is circulating through the house, it will never cool off. The unit will have to work twice as hard for half the result. 

Poor airflow is hard to source. However, a trained eye has a good idea of where to look. It could be clogged ducts or an issue with the unit. 

Mildew Smell

This is a major red flag for homeowners. If you smell a moldy or mildew odor moving through the house, get on the horn with an air conditioning service. 

This smell indicates you have moisture in the vents. This moisture resulted in the growth of mildew. Exposure can be harmful to you and your family. The sooner a specialist is on the case, the safer you’ll be. 

Unit Making Noise

When your unit cycles on, it’s good practice to check on the exterior unit from time to time. 

While running, the air conditioning should be making a constant whir sound from the fan and motor. Therefore, you shouldn’t hear any obscure noises. Be on the lookout for clanging, banging, or rattling. 

While you won’t be able to diagnose the issue, AC repair companies have heard it all. Schedule a service before things get worse. 

High Energy Bill

As noted, the summer calls for increased HVAC activity. This may reflect in the bill. However, if you are seeing unprecedented spikes in the energy bill, the first place to look is the AC. 

If the unit is malfunctioning, the efficiency goes down. Bad efficiency means higher bills. A service from an air conditioning repair specialist will save you a considerable amount over time. 

Do You Need an AC Specialist?

After reading this guide, do you think you need to call an AC specialist? Keep an eye out for these indicators. If you notice them, don’t wait to call the professionals. 

If you found this article useful, stick around the blog. There are many great homeowner reads available. 

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