Which Is The Right Moissanite Cut?

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Which Is The Right Moissanite Cut?

Moissanite is a great gem choice for your jewelry. Therefore, buying moissanite engagement rings is a worthy investment owing to the quality and value of this gem. All you need is to find the best moissanite in the market. This gemstone comes in different sizes, shapes, color, cut, and hence have different features and qualities. 

A gem’s cut determines its value and price. For that reason, it helps to look at this quality when buying moissanite. It will go a long way to giving you the kind of satisfaction you are looking for in a gem. So, which is the right moissanite cut for your jewelry? With the many cuts available in the market, you will need some research to pick the best from the rest. 

Common Moissanite Jewelry Cuts 

As a lab-grown gem, moissanite is available in different cuts. Therefore, picking the right choice may be challenging for anyone buying it for the first time. Despite the many moissanite cuts and shapes available in the market, the most common cuts are square and round shapes. However, the choice between these two is never easy. Here is what you need to know:

  • The square shape looks big and that lures many people into buying it over the round-shaped moissanite. However, it has a smaller surface area than the round shape. That means a round shape is bigger than a square shape of the same carat weight. Therefore, this is an important fact to check before buying moissanite. 
  • Different moissanite cuts attract different prices. Some will not require sophisticated procedures hence the price difference. Square-cut Moissanite like the princess-cut gem comes with straight edges and sharp corners. It does not involve intense shaping, as the round shape hence will fetch a lower price.  
  • Straight moissanite cuts are perfect for those looking for delicate geometric shapes for a feminine look. These are among the top most brilliant moissanite shapes you will find in the market. However, they require care to protect their sharp corners from being knocked off. 

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Factors To Consider For Different Moissanite Cuts 

Every type of moissanite cut has its pros and cons. Therefore, each cut is suited for unique uses and applications. For that reason, you may want to choose your moissanite cut based on the following: 

  • Price. Round cuts are costlier than straight cuts. This is due to the sophisticated procedures and the amount of material removed during the shaping process. 
  • Lifestyle. Active lifestyles may not work well will square cut stones because of their sharp corners than can easily be damaged. However, round-cut Moissanite will do for an active lifestyle. 

Still, you can choose square-cut gems such as cushion cuts or radiant options with cropped or round corners. That way, you can maximize your budget and the size of the Moissanite you want. 

  • Personal Preference. With all the information at your disposal, you can choose based on your preference. Pick round-cut Moissanite for a soft and timeless look. Square-cut options on the other hand will give you a unique look and feel.  

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Why Buy The Round-Cut Moissanite? 

The type of cut in a gem determines its fire and brilliance hence the general appeal to any jewelry lover.  This is why most people pick the classic round-shaped Moissanite over other shapes. It is a timeless smooth and spectacular cut suitable for making different kinds of jewelry. 

Cuts in gemstones are done in ways meant to reflect maximum light off their surfaces.  Of the many shapes you will find in the market, the round-cut moissanite beats the rest in this quality.  It has enough facets that enhance its color and shine. 

Round-cut Moissanite is a flawless shape creating an appealing look on any piece of jewelry. The absence of corners makes it a perfect choice for those looking for an elegant piece of jewelry. However, this comes at a cost because a lot of material is shed off to acquire that classic round shape. 

Final Thoughts 

Moissanite is a great gemstone for your jewelry. It gives you options, especially on different sizes, shapes and cuts.  Whichever option you pick, you will still get value for it. However, some cuts are better than others. Therefore, you can choose among them based on your taste, preference and budget among other things.