Why Fall is Get-It-Done Season

Juliet D'cruz

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Fall is usually a time to gather with family and friends as you leave behind the hot, humid days of summer. For DIYers, however, fall is a time to get working on construction projects that were too uncomfortable to finish during the summer heat or that couldn’t be completed due to time constraints.

Although summer is usually thought of as a time to get outside and complete big projects, many find that fall is the perfect substitute for summer when it comes to the DIY spirit. Below are just a few of the many reasons why fall is get-it-done season:

Availability and Pricing

Whether you need to purchase wedge anchors for your next construction project, stain for a back deck refinishing project or new shingles for a roof, fall is a great time to purchase these items. During the summer, everyone is busy doing yard work and working on outdoor projects, so home improvement supplies always seem to be a little tight and prices can drift higher. Purchasing things like expansion wedge anchors or galvanized wedge anchors during the fall can potentially cut your costs and leave you with more choices from a supplier or hardware store.

Extra Help is Easier to Find

Even the best DIY folks need a little help from time to time, but during the summer, most construction and home or business services professionals are overloaded with calls. Completing projects during the fall not only means working in cooler temperatures, but it also means the demand for service professionals has likely cooled off. This usually means you’ll be able to get help from a professional quicker during the fall, and you may also save some money.

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Fewer Interruptions

If you have kids, summer can mean lots of interruptions from the little ones when trying to complete DIY projects, both inside and outside. As kids return to school in the fall, you may find that you experience fewer interruptions and are able to focus more closely on your project. This can help you get things done faster and lead to fewer mistakes and redundancy in the work you’ve already completed.

To add to this, many families take vacations to relax or visit loved ones during the summer. Some trips can take only a day to complete, but others may take weeks. Because of all the running around, it can be hard to find time to focus on DIY construction projects or pick up supplies like stainless steel wedge anchors and zinc plated wedge anchors. As you settle into fall, you’re more likely to be out of vacation mode and more into get-it-done mode.

Fall Projects Make Great Gifts

When the leaves begin to change color and the air outside cools, many people begin to plan for Christmas festivities and gift giving. What better way to let someone know you’re thinking of them than to build a hand-crafted gift during the fall? Taking time during the fall to work on a project can not only show someone that you love them, but it can also provide you with the chance to give a unique gift that can’t be purchased from a store.

Safety and Comfort Projects Pay Off

Finally, fall is a good time to work on safety and comfort projects like sealing air gaps in doorways and windows or replacing furnace components. These areas of the home can cost money in the form of wasted energy during the winter, so addressing them now will not only leave you warm and toasty as the winter sets in, but you’ll also see less money flying out of your wallet.

Additionally, safety concerns like creosote in your chimney or cracks in your driveways can cause accidents and injuries. Taking care of these issues during the fall means a safer, healthier winter for you and your family.

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