Work from home and its effect on health for men

Juliet D'cruz

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There is a famous saying, “Change is inevitable”. This line has the key to success in everyone’s life but not everyone follows it. People find it hard to change to accept the fact the change will happen. They stick to their old age concepts and when their surroundings change, they find it hard to carry out their operations. One such change came in the working system in the entire world. This change was triggered by the advent of the COVID pandemic which shook the entire world. Offices were closed and the entire nation was put under complete lockdown. People went unemployed and there was worry and tension everywhere as to how the days will proceed. 

But we humans always find a way to adapt to changes. Similarly, big tech companies came with work from home. Jobs that can be done from home became functional under the banner of ‘work from home. Today when almost all nations have removed lockdown and a sufficient amount of the population have been vaccinated, ‘work from home is highly preferred by companies. It started with an option but now it is liked by people and has become a necessity. But doctors and psychiatrists see this change in the working environment in a bad light. According to the ‘work from home’ has facilitated a rise in mental problems and sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction. This can be the answer to why Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista have seen increment in their sales. 

It suggests the deterioration of sexual health and mental health which was already under the ignorance of the majority population. Further worsening conditions can give rise to suicide rates and personal conflicts between couples. 

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What change did Work from home make in our personal life?

Work from home came with a lot of new things which weren’t adapted to. Some were good but some were also bad. The good thing was that jobs in the IT sector remained secured because employees were working from their homes. This saved them from getting unemployed and pushing their family into distress. There were cases where people couldn’t pay EMI for loans that they had taken. Work from Home saved people from facing this situation. And for companies too, it proved a boon because their workforce remained intact and profit kept coming. 

But for whom was it bad also? For the employees. Let’s understand in detail when office culture was prevalent there was fixed time to spent in the office. During that hour’s people with all their sweat and blood worked hard. They knew that after a time they had to return home to their family and relax. On returning home the person used to have dinner, watch TV, spend some quality time with family and go to bed. So, after returning home there was no pressure of work, that’s only while you are in office. But with work from home came this system of office time and family time has been distorted. And the line dividing the both has been blurred. Now during lunchtime when a full family is having a meal together, you are still busy with your laptop. Thus, family time which usually eases stress and tensions is gone. You eat lunch alone a few hours after your family. And companies also have a share of contribution in the deterioration. They have burdened employees with more work than before.

Hence, employees keep working till 3 am at night and wake up at 8 am then again go to work at 10 am. At night the romantic time one used to spend with a partner is also gone. She keeps waiting and falls asleep while you are busy at work. This increases stress levels, a shortage of dopamine (the hormone which determines your mood), and low sex drive. Ultimately you turn into a robot who is the slave of a company. This is why we have witnessed an increase in cases of suicide and mental disorders. In such situations, one can easily fall into depression because he wants to enjoy some time with family but instantly the person is reminded of the car’s EMI. Work from home has also made men sexually inefficient and they had to depend on pills to satisfy their wives. 

This brought sildenafil citrate 100mg, Vidalista 20, and Fildena 100 in limelight to provide long-lasting sexual satisfaction. Condoms and stimulants found significant growth in their sales.  Kamagra Oral Jelly also very useful pills for erectile dysfunction treatment.

So, what to do?

Well, the solution cannot be, to not do work from home because nowadays it’s the norm of the companies. What can be done is that there should be a committee for counseling and mental health in companies. A day should be assigned to them when they would interact with employees and learn about their personal problems. Because when we share problems with others it reduces stress. 

Such sessions must be conducted frequently to ensure employees are mentally strong and more efficient as well. 

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