21st Century Hobbies Worth Pursuing

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21st Century Hobbies Worth Pursuing

Are you in search of a new hobby? You might have always thought traditional or popular hobbies were rather old-hat and not so interesting. If that sounds like you, then why not pursue more of a “21st-century hobby”? There are many unique activities that are modern, fun, engaging, and very often even teach you usable professional skills.

Below are some great examples of cutting-edge 21st-century hobbies to pursue if and when you need some new goals for the year ahead.

  1. 3D Printing

Have you ever fancied making your own models, miniatures and other decorative objects? Maybe you’d like to make something special as a gift for someone you know. The fantastic world of 3D printing allows you to make 3D designs and then watch them come to life as the heated nozzles of the printer get to work melting and laying filament to form whatever shape you’ve designed.

Of course, choosing the right 3D printing filament, as well as the right printer and design software, is very important. But with the right supplier, you’ll find it hard to go wrong!

  1. Digital Photography

It’s true that digital cameras have been around since the 20th century, but now is a great time to start getting more interested in digital photography as a hobby. First of all, cameras are more powerful, smarter, and more advanced than ever. To buy a real professional-grade camera is still quite expensive, but if you’re serious about this new hobby, then you won’t regret the investment.

Further to just snapping great pictures, you can also learn how to touch up the photos using software like Photoshop and others. You could even learn how to integrate your photos into a graphic design concept, thus widening your skills to include design as well as photography.

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  1. Coding

For the technically minded, coding can provide a marvellous and productive escape from the humdrum of the wider world. Learning to code means that you can start to write your own software and apps, creating programs that people will love. It will make you a more adept user of the connected online world, and if you have a real knack for it, you might even turn it into a lucrative career.

  1. Robotics

Building robots or other electronic devices is a great way to take scientific and engineering knowledge and apply it to your own projects. This is a great hobby to do with like-minded friends, hopefully some of whom will bring more expertise and more skills to the table. If you want to build battle bots and arrange robot fights with other friends, then you could, or you might try and build something that becomes a useful addition to your home! Get a team together and who knows what you could possibly achieve with your robot.

  1. Beer Brewing

Aussies love a nice cold beer on a warm evening or a weekend. How about you impress your friends and family by becoming a hobby brewer, setting up your own kit in the backyard shed or in the basement? 

It’s actually not as complex as you might think, especially when you’re making beer. It’s true that producing wine or liquor takes a lot more technique, but even after just a few tries you might produce a palatable beer that you and your friends and family love. It can become a new family staple!

  1. Adult Colouring Books

Finally, this one isn’t so advanced technologically, but it is still a rather modern idea. If you’re an adult who likes doodling while you’re talking on the phone or just sitting enjoying your favourite shows, why not try an adult colouring book? They bring sophisticated and complex patterns to be coloured, and can prove both an artistic challenge and a therapeutic exercise for many. 

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