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TTM Meaning & Definition;

We are here to understand the TTM meaning but, TTM is a multi-meaning world therefore we have to learn them one by one. Below we will learn all possible meanings of TTM. The TTM is an officially as well as unofficially most usable word. Now we are going to understand what does TTM means?

TTM Meaning

TTM meaning is Trailing Twelve Months and this is related to company finance

T – Trailing

T – Twelve

M – MonthsTTM Meaning

In India, most companies have their financial year from 1st April to 31st March and in this period, TTM data is used. To calculate the financial run-rate of any company TTM data is important as it takes into account the most recent events. Thus, we can have TTM PAT, TTM revenue,e and so on.  

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TTM Meaning In Text

TTM meaning in a text is Talk To Me. In chatting with someone we use TTM as a short form of talk to me it increases the speed of typing. Nowadays this is mostly used in short form.  

T – Talk 

T – To 

M -MeTTM Meaning In Text

TTM Meaning In Medical

The meaning of TTM in medical is Targeted Temperature Management

TTM is a frequently used term in the medical field, previously TTM is known as protective hypothermia or therapeutic hypothermia. TTM is nothing but an active treatment that tries to achieve and maintain specific body temperature for a certain duration of time to improve the patient’s health during recovery after the stop blood flow to the brain.  

T- Targeted

T – Temperature

M -ManagementTTM Meaning In Medical

TTM Meaning In Finance

TTM meaning in finance is Trailing Twelve Month. TTM term is used in finance and it refers to figures that represent the performance of any particular company over the past few years. 

T – Trailing

T – Twelve

M – MonthTTM Meaning In Finance

TTM Meaning In Autograph

TTM meaning in autograph is Through The Mail. TTM short form is used in the autograph and through the mail is the most common way to collect autographs. If you want the autograph of your favorite celebrity then simply find their living address and write them a letter of request and mention your email on that, put it in an envelope and send it to the address and wait for a reply on your mentioned email. 

T – Through

T – The

M – MailTTM Meaning In Autograph

TTM Versus LTM

Both terms are related to finance, 

TTM means Trailing Twelve Months and LTM means Last Twelve Months.

TTM stands for

T – Trailing                    

T – Twelve

M – Month

Whereas LTM Stands For

 L – Last

T – Twelve

M – Month

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Why Is TTM Important?

By using TTM, analysts can evaluate the most recent monthly or quarterly data rather than looking at older information that contains full fiscal or calendar year information. TTM charts are less useful for identifying short-term changes and more useful for forecasting.

What Is A TTM Chart?

A Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) chart depicts a company’s performance trend for a rolling 24-month period. Each dot on the chart represents a cumulative total for the 12 months immediately prior to that date. The change from month to month is: The net increase or net decrease of the month added vs. the month deleted.

Is TTM A Good Indicator?

TTM wave: The TTM wave is the perfect addition to the ADX index because it indicates the direction of volatility — which is exceedingly important in determining whether a trader should be looking to enter or exit the market.

What Is TTM Profit?

Trailing twelve months (TTM) is a measurement of a company’s financial performance (income and expenses) used in finance.

What Is TTM Good For?

The TTM format is a key tool for companies performing financial planning, since it incorporates the most recent financial data that’s available. TTM is especially useful in evaluating things like working capital, revenue growth and profit margins, which may fluctuate throughout the year depending on seasonal factors.

How Is TTM Calculated?

The formula for TTM revenue is simply to add up the previous four quarters of revenues to date. TTM Revenue = current Q earnings + Q-1 earnings + Q-2 earnings + Q-3 earnings.


In the above article, I have mentioned the exact meaning and also full form of the term TTM in finance, autograph, text, and medical individually in easy and lucid language. As you saw TTM has different meaning in different phrases so now it is easy for you to understand. After reading this article you will get the meaning of TTM and you won’t need to learn TTM’s meaning again.


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