5 Engaging Activities to Teach Square Roots

Juliet D'cruz

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Square roots are important in maths and hold a great significance in learning various topics, especially in higher grades. Acquiring the core knowledge of square roots is important for students in both academics and competitive exams. Since the topic is foundational for acquiring a variety of math skills, students need to master this concept through constant practice.

The concept of square roots is often used in formulas of quadratic equation exponents and to find the area and volume of geometric objects. In particular, square roots are often seen in mathematical formulas and physical laws. The quadratic fields and rings of quadratic integers based on square roots are essential in algebra and have their use in geometry.

Learning square roots can be made fun and interesting for students by teaching them through interactive and engaging worksheets. Practice square roots with math worksheets for 5th grade and 6th grade promote the conceptual fluency for solving complex arithmetic problems in higher grades. Along with math worksheets, math games and activities are also a great way to promote math learning in young kids.

Math games and activities offer kids an easy and engaging approach to learn square root facts with ease. Moreover, playing games also enables kids to solve various questions based on square roots. By playing math games alone or in groups, children tend to retain the knowledge better. Here are some engaging classroom activities and games that can help children learn the topic of square roots interestingly.

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Playing Tic Tac Toe:

This activity is an excellent exercise that kids can play with their friends to get engaged and speak about math. This game involves solving square roots or cube roots correctly to place ‘X’ on the board. After this, the opponent can place an O on the board. The objective is to obtain three X’s in a row, which can be either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, before your opponent gets three O’s to win this game.

Matching Game:

Children can learn through this interesting game by matching pairs of numbers and their square roots or cube roots. This game involves matching each pair correctly to replace it with a figure in those places. The final objective is to replace the whole grid with a picture by matching correct pairs. This amazing game makes kids curious about the final image, which helps keep them motivated to find the correct answers. With this game, kids can practice square roots and cube roots as many times as they want to enhance their speed and accuracy.

Building a Tower Activity

It is a fun learning activity that will enable students to see the relationship between different square numbers. This activity involves making a little tower with paper squares, which helps students to visualize the representation of square numbers. These square towers are excellent means to create some interactive learning for students and are a quick approach to refer to throughout the learning of square roots.

Maze Riddles

Maze riddle is a great way for students to practice their skills with simplifying square roots and cube roots. It forms a concise approach for students to practice square roots and cube roots to have fun while solving them.

Clock & Calendar Activity

It is a simple and super fun learning activity that involves making a clock with square roots and cube roots for 12 hours in them. Similarly, kids can learn square roots and cube roots for dates in a calendar. By drawing and painting numbers and roots in this way, kids can easily learn while having fun.

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