5 Essential Steps You Need to Take When Becoming an Influencer

Juliet D'cruz

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Some of the most well-known social media influencers make $1 million … per post! That’s right, at the click of a button, they’re making more than some people will in their entire lifetime. 

The next time you clock in at your hourly job, consider that. There’s a million-dollar opportunity at your fingertips if you’ve got what it takes. 

The next button you press could, one day, net you an extra six zeroes in the bank account. For now, it just lets your boss know you’ve made it to work on time. Don’t wait, check out this guide on becoming an influencer. 

  1. Establishing Your Niche

This is like when artists find their calling. Your niche will be the muse for all of your content. It’s cliche, but it’s necessary.

When picking out a niche, two things are most important. You should be good at it, and you should love doing it. 

If you’re going to be an influencer, you have to produce a lot of content. Content can’t flow freely unless you’re passionate about it. And it has to be quality, otherwise, nobody’s going to care what you’re producing. 

  1. Bios Made for Reading

You know that adage that goes something like, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, forget that. It no longer applies. 

Your social media bio is the cover of your life. It’s the first thing people are going to read. And it’s the last thing followers will remember about you. 

In your bio, you should include what your brand is all about. Sell the world on why you deserve notice. Keep it short and to the point — attention is fleeting nowadays.

  1. Stream Optimization

The next thing you’ll need to do is produce a stream of content. You shouldn’t sequester your would-be followers to one social platform. Make a franchise out of yourself.

You should have a TikTok, an Instagram, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to give yourself an edge, either. Buy TikTok views, Instagram Likes, or whatever else. 

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  1. Reading the Crowd

People become influencers because they know how to influence others. They have sway over people that only comes from knowing your audience. 

Almost every platform has an analytics tool. It sounds scarier than it is. 

Use these tools to gauge who your audience is and what they enjoy. You should be able to extrapolate data about their demographics and interests just from the tools available. Cater your content to align with your biggest audience. 

  1. Posting Goals

You should have a timeline for all of your releases. Having a constant flow of content pouring from your social media is the lifeblood to your success. The second your content dries up, you dry up. 

Stick to goals. Aim for a new post at least weekly. 

But there’s a fine line to walk. Don’t saturate people’s feed with vapid garbage. They’ll drop your follow in a heartbeat. 

Becoming an Influencer Really Is That Easy

Influencers have untapped potential. Their earnings grow with their follower base. Becoming an influencer, despite the possibilities, doesn’t have a huge barrier to entry. 

You should establish a niche and cater your content to your audience. Devise the perfect bio to draw in crowds. You need to constantly make content on your different platforms. 

Now that you’re a big star, check out our other articles on keeping your followers and establishing new ones.  

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