5 Essential Towing Accessories Every Tow Kit Should Have

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If you’re towing a trailer, boat, or other heavy equipment, what do you need? The first thing you need is a truck that can handle that kind of hard work. The other thing you need is a tow hitch to connect your truck to your cargo. 

But there are other things you should have if you’re towing stuff. There is a wide range of towing accessories that can make towing easier. 

Many jobs are possible with the bare minimum or simple tools, but accessories can help you make jobs smoother. Here are five truck accessories for your towing kit that can help.

  1. BOLT Lock Towing Accessories

BOLT stands for Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology. The products they make include padlocks, hitch locks, cable locks, and toolbox latches. This range of products can make towing things with our truck easier and safer. 

The products can be coded to work with your truck’s ignition key. Through simple instructions, people can set up their own locks without visiting a locksmith or a dealership. This will also cut down on the number of keys you’ll have to carry. 

  1. Brake Controllers

Brake controllers are an essential tool to have when you tow heavy loads. They can protect you and your passengers from accidents. 

Brake controllers help trucks slow down when drivers need to brake. Thanks to the extra weight your truck is carrying, it can be harder to slow down. Brake controllers help trucks slow down gradually, so you don’t lose control. 

You should also make sure your brakes work well before you decide to tow stuff. This company has accessories for Jeeps and Trucks for many different makes. 

  1. Hindsight Hitching System

The Hindsight Hitching System is a wireless, rechargeable system that allows you to monitor what you’re towing. The system includes a mountable camera that keeps an eye on your load. You can observe what’s happening all from the driver’s seat. 

The camera also comes equipped with a microphone, so you can hear any strange noises that require your attention. Up to four cameras can connect to the system. With the additional cameras, you can switch back and forth between them to see what they see. 

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  1. Trailer Wheel Ring Dock Chock

This accessory is actually for use when your trailer is unhitched from your truck. It’s a cheap accessory that can be a big help. 

When trailers are unhitched, they may creep and roll. The tongue of the trailer rests in the center of the trailer wheel chock and keeps it secure. The Dock Chock can also secure to the ground permanently if you have a parking space for your trailer. 

  1. Trailer Wheel Chocks

Trailer wheel chocks are accessories for your trailer’s tires. They act like the Ring Dock Chock and help keep the tires in place. Wheel chocks are generally cheap and made out of rubber.

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Whether you’re towing equipment or your family’s RV, towing accessories can make a world of difference. Lock accessories help keep your loads secure and hitching systems help you monitor them. Brake controllers will help your truck come to an easy stop and keep you in control of your vehicle.

Ring Dock Chocks and Trailer Wheel Chocks keep the tongue and wheels of trailers and RVs secure, respectively, so they don’t shift.

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