5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Riding an Electric Bike

Juliet D'cruz

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Electric bicycles are often looked down upon; people believe there aren’t many fitness benefits to riding this vehicle. However, we ensure you that this is completely false; electric bicycles can be a valuable addition to your fitness plans if used correctly. We recommend you read this review if you’re interested in purchasing an E-bike and integrating it into your lifestyle.

Most people choose Electric bikes to incorporate cardio exercise into their schedule. Cardio is known for building stamina and is a popular choice for quick and easy weight loss. To make your exercise more efficient and your weight loss more rapid, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks to incorporate into your current E-bike regimen. 

Don’t let your E-bike collect dust

We know it can be hard to build new habits, but consistency is key to weight loss. You might be surprised how easy daily rides can be if you set your mind to it. We recommend using your E-bike for commuting: a bicycle is first and foremost a transportation device, and you have to use this to your advantage. 

When you have a certain place to reach, you won’t see riding your bike as an exercise, but a means to get from point A to point B. This way, you won’t have a set schedule for exercise: it will be mixed into your daily tasks, making the burden much less heavy. 

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Explore new places

If you choose to ride your bicycle as a hobby, it is extremely important to change things, so they don’t become mundane. Pick comfortable routes that still challenge you to some extent, but don’t overwork yourself. 

For example, try picking forest or beach trails to make your rides more relaxed and calming. If you start your E-bike journey with dull and tiresome routes, this habit won’t be sustainable for you, and you won’t be consistent enough to lose the weight you want. Keep it fun and simple!

Don’t underestimate your settings

Most bicycles have up to ten levels of pedal assist to perfectly control the amount of assistance while riding the device. We advise you to use the assistance when needed, but stay away from the extremes: you might think that the lowest level of assistance is the smartest choice, but we encourage you to start with medium assistance and work your way to lower assistance. 

It would also help if you didn’t use the higher levels for obvious reasons: you need to put some work into riding your bike to burn calories and strengthen your body. Moderation is always the best answer, and you will see a huge improvement by avoiding the extremes of the spectrum. 

Take care of your diet

The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you ingest. This means that even if you increase your everyday physical activity, you won’t get the desired result if you eat high-calorie food. We recommend opting for healthy choices like vegetables and fruits that have fewer calories than highly processed foods. 

Of course, don’t forget about your protein intake and your carbs; you need to have lots of energy for your bike rides. Find food that is low in calories but can still make you full and satisfied with your meal. 

Focus on time rather than miles

The first instinct for many is to focus on the length of the routes to track progress. However, some routes might be more exhausting but shorter in length than others. That’s why it is better to look at the duration of your rides. 

Start with 20 minutes, then add 5 minutes at a time until you are satisfied with the intensity of the exercise. This way, you can be proud of your body for enduring the ride without feeling pressured to cross a specific length. 

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