Get People Talking: How to Increase Engagement on Your Instagram Account

Juliet D'cruz

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If you’re not advertising your business on social media, you’re missing out on a marketing goldmine. There are over a billion users scrolling through Instagram as you read this article. That’s a ton of people!  

There’s more to advertising on social media than having an account and posting memes, however. You want to increase engagement on Instagram and really connect with your target audience. 

You’ve got to post content that comes across as genuine or people aren’t going to buy it. We can help you choose hashtags and create posts that will send people your way and keep them on your page for hours. Keep reading to learn how to use Insta to your advantage. 

Be Consistent 

If you want to increase Instagram engagement, you’ve got to do everything in your power to remain relevant. This means posting on a normal basis. Your posts will get lost in people’s feeds if you only put out content once or twice a week. 

You should be posting once or twice a day. You’ve also got to be a little strategic about when you create new content.

For Instagram, the peak time to post is 10 Am to 3 PM. This time can vary depending on what day it is. Not many people are scrolling through Insta while they’re at work during the week. 

Friday is going to be your best bet if you’re looking for the best engagement. For some reason, Wednesday at around 11 AM isn’t a bad time to post either. 

A long time ago, you would have to be ready on the send button during these times, but as technology has developed, this has changed. You can now choose when your content rolls out. You can increase Instagram engagement while you’re fast asleep in your bed. 

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Use Instagram for Business

If you’re not already using Instagram for business, you should get on that. It has a ton of great features that will help in all your advertising endeavors. 

The main thing that you want to take advantage of is the analytics feature. It will allow you to see where your followers are from, what gender they are, and what posts they engaged with the most. 

It will show you what ad campaigns managed to grab people, and which ones fell short. You’ll be able to take down the posts that aren’t working and retool them to increase engagement on Instagram.  

On top of this, by upgrading to a business account, you’ll gain the ability to post links on your stories and in your profile. This gives you the perfect opportunity to send people to your website. You also won’t have access to ads until you make the switch. 

The best part about having a business account is that you won’t have to pay for any of these features.

Find Your Target Audience 

It will be hard for you to create engaging content if you’re not sure who you’re creating it for. To this end, you’re going to need to find your target audience. 

For the most part, the analytics feature in your business account can help you with this, but it can’t do everything for you. Think about who’s going to be using your product or service. 

Some business owners brainstorm to design an ideal customer on a piece of paper. Having this will give you something concrete to work with. 

Don’t Shove Ads in People’s Faces

If all you’re going to do is shove ads in people’s faces, you’re going to find yourself using famoid followers to pay for likes. People don’t like being preached to. 

What they do like is hearing about a company’s story. Use pictures and captions to humanize yourself in the eyes of your target audience. 

Don’t be afraid to get goofy and share behind-the-scenes moments from your office. Show off your staff members, and don’t forget to share plenty of fun memes. 

Use All Content Formats 

While Instagram’s primary function is to share pictures, there are other types of content that you can post. Carousels will allow you to share multiple images at once. 

Videos tend to collect more engagement than both pictures and text. The important thing to keep in mind when you’re posting these clips is that they don’t need to be perfect. 

Again being authentic is the key. Record a quick video, maybe throw a little polish at it in editing, and send it out for the world to see. That’s all there is to it!

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words 

Before hitting that send button, don’t forget to write an eye-catching caption. You’ve got 2,200 words that you can use to add context to an image. 

You want to use every single character available to you. Doing so will allow you to get creative and show off your brand’s unique personality. 

Be Careful With Hashtags 

On top of having over 2,000 words to work with for a caption, you can also add up to 30 hashtags. It’s important to put in all 30, but you do want to be choosy about the ones you use. 

If you choose hashtags that are too generic, there’s a chance that your post will get lost in a sea of other posts that are using the same ones. Your best bet is to use a mixture of generic and industry-specific tags. 

Increase Engagement on Instagram and Watch the Likes Roll In

If you run a business and aren’t taking advantage of social media platforms, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Still, there’s more to advertising than having a page. 

To increase engagement on Instagram, you’ll need to keep the interesting content coming in and humanize yourself in the minds of your target audience. If you’re looking for more ways to market your company, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blog for all the latest tips and tricks.

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