6 Incredible Reasons to Move to Nueva Andalucia

Juliet D'cruz

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There’s a reason the rich and famous have long made their homes in Southern Spain. From the sunny sea to the mouth-watering food, it’s hard to find anything that disappoints.

If you’re considering your own move to the region, you may just find yourself living in the lap of luxury—even without being a billionaire! Southern Spain has a lot to offer, and the Nueva Andalucia area in particular is beloved by locals and expats alike. If you’re on the fence about the transition, here are a few incredible reasons you should take the leap.

  1. The Weather

There’s nothing like the Mediterranean climate of Southern Spain. The temperature in and around Nueva Andalucia tends to be mild. While the peak summer highs can creep up on you, the majority of the year tends toward pleasant temperatures and weather.

In addition, the south of Spain in general has a reputation for being sunny and bright, and for good reason! Rain tends to stay away from this area, allowing you to make the most of the region’s gorgeous surroundings.

  1. The Food

It’s hard to talk about the Marbella area without discussing the delicious food. The beach promenade and the beautiful Marbella Old Town area boast a wide variety of cuisines, including the mouth-watering tapas the region is so well known for.

  1. The Neighbors

People in the south of Spain—and in Nueva Andalucia in particular—are known for their friendliness and warmth. It’s easy to find yourself bumping into locals, expats, and even the occasional celebrity, all of whom tend to be welcoming to outsiders. This is true no matter what area you live in, so check out your options to learn more: https://choosemarbella.com/nueva-andalucia-property-for-sale/.

  1. The Nightlife

If you’re a night owl, it’s hard to go wrong in the Marbella area. From beach clubs to fancy bars, you’ll find yourself venturing out into the tree-lined avenues and the maze of narrow streets in the old town for drinks, dancing, dinner, and more. The region parties until late into the night, meaning you’ll have no problem finding something fun to do at all hours!

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  1. The Rich History and Culture

History buffs love Nueva Andalucia for its rich, storied history. The city’s Roman and Muslim roots, beautiful architecture, unique traditions, and one-of-a-kind festivals are intriguing for locals and newcomers alike. Don’t hesitate to venture out for a walking tour of the Marbella Old Town or to pop into the range of museums and art galleries to step back in time!

  1. The Landscape

There are few places in the world that afford you the opportunity to spend a morning in snow-capped mountains before returning home to swim in the sea. Whether you’re an adventurer, a fitness enthusiast, or you simply want to soak in the sights, Nueva Andalucia doesn’t disappoint.

Find Your New Home in Nueva Andalucia

There’s nowhere in the world like Nueva Andalucia—and there’s no reason to miss out on a stay of your own. With its rich culture, delicious cuisine, vibrant nightlife, warm neighbors, and much more, the Marbella area has a lot to offer. Whatever your dream lifestyle looks like, you can find it in Southern Spain!

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